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Question: Who's the next Tragic Villain? · 12:29pm Jan 23rd, 2014

Hello everypony, it's been awhile. Wellspring here.
Now that All About Rarity is finished (beside the publication after Serenity Viewer's edit), I have some free time in my hooves. I have some small fics in the works right now, simple "slice of life"s that isn't as serious as my other works, and I might publish it in the future. But I'm seriously considering which one of my Tragic Villain fics should I begin with, I've already got all the ideas lined up and it's all the same to me whichever comes first, so it's times for my fans (if any) and followers to decide. Remember that the primary purpose my writing here is for practice and experimentation, nothing you see here is final and the content will be subject to minor change:


Note Extreme Gore, Tragedy, Grimdark, Psychological, Changeling

Brief Info: For the firsts time in history, suicides after suicides have been erupting one by one in Ponyville and nopony can find any reason why. Is it an attack by an enemy? A virus? Or something much, much worse.

Wordcount: 70,000-100,000

The Skies are for the Few

Note: Sad (Not Tragic), Morality Play, Death

Brief Info: Set a few years in the future, Rainbow Dash is being chased by the police for the murder of Spitfire. She goes to her friends for hiding.

Wordcount: 30,000-50,000

Garden of Eden

Note: Political, Gun Fights, Uprising, Revenge

Brief Info: Applejack sets Sweet Apple Acres on fire and vanishes. Farms all over Equestria does the same afterwards. Nopony knows why until an attack is made to Canterlot.

Wordcount: 50,000-100,000

Feel free to vote and tell me which ones do you want to see first. Also, feel free to send me any pictures that you think will be a good alternative cover than to the ones above.

In the meantime, I'll be plotting the scenarios for Luna and Discord's Tragic Hero fics.

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This is why aliens should talk to us. I want to see Applejack's story next, this should be good. At the same time Rainbow interests me a great deal. Is it out of the question to release both at the same time? And are you planning on a Celestia Tragic Villain?
Some say the Flutterponies evolved into the Changelings. And you have Fluttershy in the same fic as Changelings. Are you planning something or is this a coincidence?

I don't know what to choose. I don't know who you can top AAR.

Hey what about pinkie i am starting to think you dont like pinkie all that much by the way i noticed how you write her. You can always tell by who someone's least favorite character is by how they write them or the lack of using them in their stories.

All the titles are attention grabbing, but Mother and Garden of Eden's description sound too similar. Remember to focus on the character, not the event.

i'd prefer the rainbow dash one between these but the fluttershy one is a close 2nd

Sorry, I won't be making a Celestia tragic villain fic. The Tragic Villain are primarily for the mane6. Also, I've never heard that rumor about the Flutterponies. So, no. Nothing of the sort.

Pinkie Pie is best pony. I'm saving her for last. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I don't know about Mother as it is an original but Garden of Eden may borrow some from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, though it won't be as philosophical.

Sweet save the best for last now you are speaking my language.:pinkiecrazy:

I never read that book. I did read Anthem, though to truly appreciate it I think you had to have lived in the same time period as Ayn and undergone similar traumas.

Anything based of off Anna Karenina? :duck:
Actually I think AAR would come pretty close.

1763978 Yeah, AAR may be the closest to Anna Karerina. Though Garden of Eden may steal some from another one of Tolstoy's, War and Peace.

That book is a bible. Took me three months to read through it, in between programming classes. Liked it a lot though. Some of deaths came off as truly shocking.

Fluttershy's easily looks the most intriguing! Also it seems like the only one that could compare to All About Rarity.

But it could just be me being biased because I don't care for Rainbow Dash and not super interested in political stories :s

Also, gore and a potential murder-mystery? Yes please, sign me up!

But Rainbow's looks interesting too and I love AJ so...

As tempting as it is to vote for the thing with "Fluttershy" and "suicides" in the summary.......Applejack becoming a Maoist revolutionary is SO much more original omg :pinkiegasp:

AJ torching Sweet Apple Acres is awesome and baffling. Far as I can tell, she'd sooner set Granny Smith on fire lol.....i wanna watch Apple Guevara go to work :ajsmug:

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