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[Insert 'doing a 180 on my life after MLP' story here]

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    Warm-up fanfic writing.

    Hey guys! Long time no see!

    Just to let you know, I had a three months hiatus because I was preparing for college. Now that I am here, I can finally get back to writing!

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    I got FEATURED!!!

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    Go and thank AccousticMandoBrony; they really deserve praise.

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Possible Equestria Girls sequel?! · 1:01am Jan 22nd, 2014


Hell yeah! I loved EG because it was funny and had awesome music. I don't care if it was fast-paced or the 'Flash Sentry stealing waifu' thing. I just enjoyed it for what it is!
I still don't understand for the strong hatred to EG. I mean, come one! It's not supposed to be the greatest movie ever, It's was just supposed to be a way DHX to say, 'Hey bronies, thanks for the support! We wanted to do something that you guys like." Instead of a pony movie, they just used everything from the fandom (i.e. humanized, Vinyl, Derpy, muffin, high school sitting, music, inside jokes and references to show.) It's like everything we bronies ever created (fanfics, art, music, and animation) rolled up into one and done be professionals who have been doing it for years.
A sequel that might be a musical?!

Yes! I was never a fan of musicals until I saw MLP, so now I'm excited! I really hope this is confirmed!

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