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Corona Silverflame

I am a half of MagicalMaladies. The other is ConfidentPrognosticator. I love to write, and I have many ideas I've yet to use!

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  • 398 weeks

    Guys, there is a documentary about bronies!!! I'm watching it!

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  • 399 weeks
    About History of Equestria

    I have to rewrite it. I mean, I read it over. It's awful! How did you guys not hate it? So, I am rewriting it all. It's going to be a lot longer, and a lot more detailed. Good thing MaidofLight hasn't posted her chapter yet.

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  • 403 weeks

    I have a few things to share. One, I'm putting every story except LWW and H2O on hiatus until I finish them. Two, I finally got cover art for H2O. Lovingly created by my close friend Neon Harmony. On that note, I will be starting an OC story with me and her as main characters. If you are interested in having your OC added in, just comment or something. I'll see what I can do with him/her.

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  • 404 weeks
    I'm back!

    Not that I ever really left. Currently, I'm working on LWW (Life as a Wingless Wonderbolt), and I'm 400 words in. It's taking me a while because I'm typing on my tablet. If anybody wants a specific story updated, just comment on here. Thanks for reading!

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  • 409 weeks
    I'm not going to be writing stories for a while

    I've got too much going on. So, instead of putting all my stories on hiatus, I am making this blog post. I'm a little busy with actual books I'm wriring for real. so for about the next 2 months or so, I'll be fairly inactive when it comes to stories. see everybody later. :-)

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About History of Equestria · 8:12pm Jan 21st, 2014

I have to rewrite it. I mean, I read it over. It's awful! How did you guys not hate it? So, I am rewriting it all. It's going to be a lot longer, and a lot more detailed. Good thing MaidofLight hasn't posted her chapter yet.

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1746610 Shut it. You need to read my latest blog post on my main blog. Has interesting stuff in it involves you. I posted the story already. It's 2000 words. You better keep up.

1748533 I still have to put up the new chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 will go up at the same time, so you're gonna end up eating my dust!

1748628 Okay. I have more important things to do.

1748811 like what? I know you. More important pertains to lazing around, looking at stupid member and skyping Z whatever random junk pops up into your head. My versions of more important: shower, saving the world, practicing a certain ability I have, or even writing in The Discovery of The Silver Fawn, or speaking with a certain moon deity.

1749938 Sure. If you knew what I was going through you wouldn't be saying that. Im going to a funeral of someone who I cared about. But what will you say?
"One death is nothing compared to the world."
Well I cared about this person a lot. Try it on for size.

1750027 close but not quite. I was going to say that death is but a passage to yet another realm, body, and mindset. She will be missed deadly on this plane of existence though.

1750033 Not as heartless as you make yourself out to be, hmm?

1750065 I prefer not to think of myself as heartless. You know I'm just insensitive and unaffected by death of anyone. Who was it anyway? Which member of our family?

1750069 My great grandmother. Not on your side.

1750074 Ah! I see.... Well, at least Fluttershy and Rarity care.:fluttercry::raritycry: This is more like my face...:applejackunsure:

1750075 What do you care about? Except for a certain blue eyes white dragon.

1750077 Do you want me to lost everything I have even the slightest interest in? Or only the big stuff.

1750110 Well, random MLP game update. I just got Spitfire, Snips, Lyra, and Scoots.

I care about the world, Diana, animals, the sky, your well-being (for the most part), great food, snow days, my big sister Chyra, blue eyes white dragon, the internet, our disbanded group (FireStorm), fire, full moons, teaching myself, and secrets.

1750124 I clean up nicely, I know. *bows*:ajsmug:

1750132 How so? Oh, and my blog. I care about that too.

1750132 And I got Flash Sentry a couple days ago. He can only be put in Canterlot though, so if you can't find him in your inventory, just switch to the Canterlot inventory. He'll be in there.

1750141 Mine gave me Twinkleshine instead.

1750147 Lucky. Now I have less than a day to get the Unicorn Statue. I'm almost half way there though. As long as I keep getting perfect on Opening Theme, I'll be fine. And why does my caring surpriseyou so?

1750222 Oh don't pretend you're offended to get sympathy.

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