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I can't even believe it yet. · 8:41pm Jan 18th, 2014

So, in an act of pure awesomeness, Mr101 has decided to do a reading of the Watcher! 0.0
This is not only completely awesome of him, but it is also really well done. Go check it out and be sure to check out his stories before you do. They da bomb!

In other news; the new revamped version of the Janitor is up and I will hopefully be able to add another chapter to the Watcher on this weekend. I definitely want to finish the story, even though writing often feels like... well, when I write, this is what's usually going on in my head (ask my editors, they know!):

So again, big shoutout to Mr101 for that awesome favor! I'll holla back at you with a thank-you picture just for you.
Another big shoutout to my new editors, you've all been doing an awesome job so far!
Greetz and see you soon.
The happy gnoll.

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Comments ( 4 )

*first thought upon seeing the first gif*

That reading was pretty awesome.
Are you going to do the whole thing? It would be fantastic.

Yes I do, and I also plan on doing 'Souls Apart' to. :twilightsmile:

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