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Molestia's blog is gone · 2:11pm Jan 18th, 2014

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Comments ( 8 )

Ohhhhh, what you got against Molly?

BTW: NC /&%ยค YEAH!

1800573 I hated that rapist

1801767 well... opinions differs I guess. I do not see her as a rapist since everypony do enjoy and often expect her to act the way she does. But people have diffrent ways of thinking and inturpet things, so I won't nag at you with this.

... Man, how come auto-correction are useless on iPhone? Sorry for the mess of misspelling.

Any way, keep being awesome!

You're just a bundle o' fun, ain't ya?

1964128 You bet I am:moustache:

Johnjoseco was one of the nicest guys I had the pleasure to speak to, I'm glad molly wasn't his last tumblr blog.

2232759 I'm pretty sure he's a nice guy, I just hate what he did to Celestia with that fucking blog

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