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Updates! *EDIT* POLL IS CLOSED · 10:18pm Jan 15th, 2014

Hey guys.

Just a little update for you all... I just started a new semester, and combined with my job and my Music Career, I have very little time to actually continue updating so many stories with any real frequency.

Anyway, in order to remedy this, I have decided to set up a Poll! (Why doesn't Fimfiction have a Poll feature? Fanfiction has one...) Basically, you all will comment on this Blog (Comments on my User Page or on the actual stories will not be counted.) telling me which story you want updated and completed the most! Just comment the name of the story, don't give me a long winded speech about why it's your favorite.

The Top 3 Stories voted for will be the three that I will complete. Afterwards, I will go on to finish the rest of my stories. Sound good? Great!

The stories you will all be voting on are as follows:
Non Soli Vos
Only The Force
The Equestrian Adventure of the Coolest Nerd
and finally The Beatles Radio.

Just cast your votes and I will tally them up on January 18th, 2014 and get to work.

Thank you.

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Comments ( 75 )

Non soli vos or the Beatles radio

Non Solis Vos

What ever you want, imo you don't have to ask what I want, do what you want.

Only The Force

Damnit, why did you make me choose only one?

Fine, let's go with Non Soli Vos.

I came here because of rise

Only the Force

only the force!!

Beatles radio or Rise, just pick which one has more votes

only the force

Only the force.

Only The Force

only the force :eeyup:

In order I believe you should do Rise, Only the force and then Non Soli Vos

Non Solis Vos

Only the Force

Beatles radio but I know it won't happen so RISE

Only the force

The Beatles Radio, which at this point looks like it'll barely slide into third.


Beatles Radio please

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