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  • 410 weeks
    So, it's been 7 months...

    I'm gonna be honest and say that I've been keeping my distance from the fandom for much of this year. Not that it was intentional; much of my time has been spent working, with only one day of the week to myself. Another reason why my Fic is on a low priority is because I've all but lost the motivation of continuing it. My last chapter was obviously rushed and was practically written in one

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  • 441 weeks
    Getting back into the routine

    Now that my life is finally stabilizing itself, I return to continue my story. (Also to fix this past/present tense problem).
    I'm also going to keep trying to publish my stuff more frequently, but a little shorter than what I usually do, so I don't linger in the same place for too long. A mistake I learned that drained me of energy while writing Chapter seven.

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  • 453 weeks
    Finally some progress!

    And exactly one month later.... Finally finished with what I was working on and updated the picture for my fiction! Now with that out of the way I can now focus on continuing it!

    Oh, and I got this finished as well.

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  • 457 weeks
    Post Everfree Northwest report and future projects.

    I'm restored and ready for duty!

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  • 471 weeks
    We've not been given leave to doubt!

    I've returned to resume progress on my next installment after some RL stuff, and I promise you this one's going to be a doozy. If everything goes according to plan, I should have it ready in about 2 weeks, so be on your guard.

    *pic related*

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By Terra's Golden Throne, this is harder then I anticipated! · 11:10pm Dec 15th, 2011

Just so I'm not the bearer of bad news, the next chapter is going along exceptionally well; or at least the portions from the Imperial Guard's perspectives. As for the interactions with the IG and Equine(s), things have been less than progressive. I have the conclusion I wish for it to end, confrontational wise, but the stuff in between has been a bit more interesting to imagine. Trying to depict between the likely and unlikely has been a endeavor in it's own. Fortunately, reading the Horus Heresy novels has given me a bit of inspiration (not to mention brain exploding revelations) as to how to proceed.

Hopefully I can get over this block soon, and will spell out the future for story. Fear not, it will be done, just not as quickly as I hoped.

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