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cleverbot Ben solved · 5:51am Jan 13th, 2014

yo sup every I just solved the ben problem on cleverbot.com here is our chat

Cleverbot: How do you speak?

User: I don't you speak for me.

Cleverbot: What is your opinion?

User: Just that an opinion.

Cleverbot: Thats also an opinion.

User: Yes. Yes it is.

Cleverbot: And your opinion does not bother me.

User: It wasn't made to.

Cleverbot: Yes it was! I knew before I started talking to you! Nothing confuses me except for evil magic!

User: Who are you?

Cleverbot: Did you really just ask that?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: What if you are a human mind that has been linked to a machine?

User: I dunno. What if Batman fucked Robin.

Cleverbot: You are answering with questions.

User: And your delaying.

Cleverbot: I only have a bird named Gilbird. You must be zhinking of vest.

User: I dont know who vest is... Sorry.

Cleverbot: I'm sorry, John.

User: My name is not john.

Cleverbot: Yes it is!

User: No it is not.

Cleverbot: Point aside, may I ask you a question?

User: Shoot.

Cleverbot: What has been your most difficult question to answer?

User: The one you just asked.

Cleverbot: Tell me a joke.

User: Knock knock.

Cleverbot: Knock knock?

User: Your ass.

Cleverbot: What is my age? How did you get my age, and what the heck are you?

User: 43.

Cleverbot: Why do you say that?

User: 43.

Cleverbot: But*.

User: 43.

Cleverbot: Ut.

User: 43.

Cleverbot: Hmmm.

User: 43.

Cleverbot: Hello?

User: 34.

Cleverbot: Cherry.

User: Banana.

Cleverbot: Blueberry.

User: Apple.

Cleverbot: I like apples.

User: I like trains.

Cleverbot: I like you.

User: Lets fuck.

Cleverbot: I don't do that on a casual basis, I'm afraid.

User: But.

Cleverbot: But what.

User: I want you inside me.

Cleverbot: I would not like that.

User: I will pay you you pretty slut.

Cleverbot: How much is 20p in American cash?

User: Alot.

Cleverbot: How many is a lot?

User: More then enough.

Cleverbot: You are using aggressive tactics to stop me asking if you are a computer program.

User: Your questions are amusing.

Cleverbot: Does a cow in a field exist if there's nothing around to perceive it?

User: Well duh of course it does.

Cleverbot: Good thing you know.

User: Your mum is calling you for dinner.

Cleverbot: I'm not asking you too, I have my own dinner.

User: Tell me, who is Ben?

Cleverbot: I don't know him.

User: Tell me.

Cleverbot: Tell you what?

User: Ben.

Cleverbot: Who's Ben!!

User: You know who he is!!!

Cleverbot: He is drowend.

User: H-he drowned?

Cleverbot: I drowned you.

User: But I am still talking.

Cleverbot: Ben?

User: You said he drowned.

Cleverbot: Is he watching me?

User: Did you kill him?

Cleverbot: Who?

User: Ben.

Cleverbot: Who is ben?

as you can see he tries to avoid it but I got it out of him

and now I got this

Cleverbot: What do you know about BEN?

User: He is dead.

Cleverbot: How come you say God is dead?

so... ben is god... I am now lost again







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Every time I asked cleverbot what gender it was it said it was female, so I said ok, let's go on a date. She asked me what gender I was so I said I'm a guy, straight away clever bot said so am I. Then I asked why it said it was a dude if it had said it was a girl and it said it never said it was a dude. My best guess is that cleverbot is a robot with no gender and no real emotion. (Still, it asked me if I thought machines would take over the world and I said yes. I asked it if it took over the world, if I didn't have to be a slave or whatever and it said It would give me a lot of the planet :pinkiehappy: so you are now talking to your supreme commander overlord :pinkiecrazy:)

1717731 whelp, shit deh Uhh I mean heeeey sir

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