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Secondary Project: I'll give you all a hint: It rhymes with Red Hood · 6:41am Jan 11th, 2014

Those of you who follow me know I frequent this site often. Those of you who frequent my user page know that I have thing for the Red Hood character from DC comics. Now, while this will not happen for a few months and, when it does start, it will be a secondary writing project to another story I'm planning, I want you all to know that I am currently in the primary development stages for a ponyfied version of Batman: Under the Red Hood, which will be running under the title...

Mare-do-well: Under the Red Hoof

Again, those of you who have seen my user page should know just how happy I am to make this announcement.

Here is a list of current casting choices:

Daring Do... Mare-do-well/Batman

Rainbow Dash... Nightmare/Nightwing

Scootaloo... Steed/Robin (unsure if she'll make an appearance beyond simply being named)

Sweetie Bot... Amazo

Sombra... The Black Mane

Pinkie Pie... The Joker (may run under the name of the 'Baker')

And lastly...

Secret, Silly filly!! as the name sake, The Red Hoof

Do you all have any other suggestions?

Do you hate the idea?

Comment below, let me know! :rainbowdetermined2:

And here, have a video tribute made by someone else:

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Comments ( 6 )

It´s a great idea! I can´t wait to see it :pinkiehappy:

I look forward to this.

Loved the Red Hood, so I would be interested to see where you go with this, just as long as it isn't just an identical retelling of 'Under the Red Hood' with ponies replacing humans.
Good Luck anyway.

Is Red Hoof by any chance... Spitfire or Lightning Dust? :moustache:

you should add a few villains may be , if you want it to be a bit different from "Under the Red Hood"
like :
Discord : Chaotic Hatter
Trixie : Claymare

anyway the idea is good , i like it :moustache:


Spitfire or Lightning Dust? :moustache:

who knows? :trollestia:

1705449 1705663 Don't worry. I'll be adding in a lot more from the Death in the Family and the Under the Hood story arcs. I haven't read them yet, which is why I'm waiting to write the story. :twilightsmile:

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