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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round Ten - The Answers! · 11:57pm Jan 9th, 2014


Second attempt at posting this... fuckin' 502s.

Before I begin, I would like to say something regarding my Shorty Award nomination.

I'm nowhere close to winning, since I need more nominations. So if anyone could throw one my way, that would be great. I'm not gonna win, but it would be nice to see how many nominations I can get. A Twitter account is required to place a nomination, and all the instructions are on the page I linked. Please make sure to nominate me in the 'Author' category!

Now that I've said my peace, I can finally get round to answering the massive pile of questions that I got!


Geo what's your most favorite type of music, favorite song and what's your favorite episode of mlp season 4 so far

I like listening to rap and hip hop.

My favourite song isn't a song, it's an instrumental.

I could listen to this all day...

My favourite episode of Season Four so far has to be Power Ponies, because Twilight looked so damn good in her outfit — and you can bet your asses that there's gonna be a ton of jokes about it in Four Equestria!. :rainbowwild:


1/ Can you put Flash Sentry in canon-geoverse, for Geo can cannon-bitchslap him ?

I'll see what I can do. :twilightsmile:

My two last questions are for Blue blood, Filthy and Sterling :

2/ Are you part of Ratification Council ? (if they answer yes, Boot to theirs heads !)

Blueblood: As if I would divulge that information to the likes of a mere peasant such as yourself. *turns nose up snootily*
Filthy Rich: No. But do you think we should go for it, Sterling?
Sterling Silver: And spend valuable money on an election campaign?
Filthy Rich: ... good point. *hugs his bag of bits*

3/ Will you put the "Doctor Robo" crisis on Prince Geo because you couldn't swallow your respective pride since his coronation? (same punishment if they answer yes)

Blueblood: Indubitably!
Filthy Rich: Of course we will!
Sterling Silver: Damn straight.
(Geo comes along, boots them all in the head, then runs away laughing.)
Geo: Haters gonna hate!


Question 1 - For Geo

Actually, this isn't a question. I just wanted to give this present from your home country. *gives package*

(Geo reaches inside the package. He feels something cold and peers inside.)
Geo: What could this possi— WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY JOY!
(He hugs the package tightly. Despite Twilight's best efforts, she can't see what it is.)

Question 2 - For Geo

Serious now. We all know that yours and Twilight's 'romantic' part of your relationship is very much enjoyed by either parties. I have to ask, does Twilight have any sort of odd fetishes?

(Geo's eyes widen and he relinquishes his hold on the package, while Twilight's eyes shrink to pinpricks and her wings shoot up.)
Twilight: I-I don't think this is a suitable topic for conver—
Geo: She likes it when I spank her. Does that count?
(Twilight slugs Geo in the gut.)
Geo (coughing): And she likes being scratched behind the ears. (He dodges another swing from Twilight.) But basically, she just likes being fuc— (Twilight's horn glows and Geo finds that he's been muted. He throws his arms up in defeat and sits down.)

Question 3 - For Celestia

Have you ever tasted Irn Bru? If not, look in Geo's package and try some!

Celestia (nervously): I don't think Twilight would appreciate it if I rummaged around in her husband's package...
(Twilight groans and facehoofs.)
Twilight: He meant the box, not Geo's trousers.
Celestia (giggling awkwardly): Oh, right.
(She trots over the box and looks inside. Geo stands nearby, watching her through narrowed eyes.
Celestia: Let's see here... (She opens the box and looks inside.) Irn Bru... Irn Bru... ah, here it is! (She takes out a bottle, opens it and sniffs it.) Hmm, that actually smells quite nice. Oh well, flanks up! (She takes a swig and swallows it. There's a brief pause before she hiccups.) Haw, man, that wis awfy guid! (As everyone elses jaws drop, Geo casually strolls over and takes the bottle from her.) Here, you, ya wee bawbag, the fuck ye 'hink ye're daeing? Gies that bottle back, right fuckin' noo, or I'll hammer fuck oot ye. (Geo flips her off and drinks the remaining contents of the bottle.) Right, you wee tube, you fuckin' asked f'r it. (She picks him up in her levitation aura and tosses him out a window. Twilight shrieks and goes after him, Luna and the rest of the girls rush to the window to watch, and John rolls around the floor laughing his head off. After a few minutes, Celestia burps.) Oh, my, excuse me. (She looks around.) Why is everypony looking out the window, why is John laughing like that... and where have Twilight and Geo got to?
(Nopony responds. Celestia simply shrugs, steps over John and sits down on her throne.)

Question 4 - For John

Out of all the things on Earth, which do you miss the most?

(Applejack rolls her eyes and sighs.)

Question 5 - For Fluttershy and Haywick

I have to say, you two are amazingly cute as a couple. Have to ask, will we be expecting any...bundles of joy in the future?

Fluttershy: Um, well... thank you for your kind words. But, er, we haven't much thought to starting a family.
Haywick: We're taking things slowly. Right, Fluttershy?
Fluttershy: Oh, yes, slowly. M-maybe soon we can think about that sort of thing.
John: Translation: "We're both virgins, and are petrified at the thought of even doing it."
Fluttershy: Eep! (She hides behind her wings while Haywick glares angrily at John, who simply shrugs.)
John: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
(Haywick glances at Fluttershy, who nods meekly.)
Haywick (sighing): Yeah, all right. It's true. I love Fluttershy, I really do—
(Fluttershy folds her wings back at her sides.)
Fluttershy: And I love you too, Haywick. (To John) But we're not quite ready to take that step just yet. And, um, I'd really like it if you kept your perverted opinions to yourself.
(John looks shocked, but nods nonetheless.)

Question 7 - To everyone

Can you teach me how to count?

(Cheerilee randomly appears.)
Cheerilee: Sorry, but my class is full. Maybe next year, or might I recommend one of the adult learning courses at your local college?
(She leaves.)
John: Uh... okay... I guess that answers that question.

Advisor The Accursed One (Seriously, mate, stop changing your name all the time.) :facehoof:

Will you tolerate my randomness this time?

I always do, don't I? :twilightsmile:

Ah, okay.

So, my questions are:

1) Are we all a little bit insane for choosing to live in this horrible, horrible world?

That's the thing: we don't choose to live in this world, we're forced to.

2) Why did that seem so grimdark?

Because it's you we're dealing with. :raritywink:

3) What do you think of this?

It was very deep and thought-provoking.

Consequently, I refuse to believe that you wrote it. :trollestia:

4) Did it creep you out? It should have.


5) y u so skottysh

Because the Great Lord of Irn Bru made it so.

6) Six... Six... The number of sticks it takes to make a fire (Not really, it can be 2 or more). How many ticks could someone encounter when grabbing said sticks?

It depends on whether or not the sticks were embedded in sheep.

7) Is Seven a registered six offender?

Which Seven do you mean? Because I know a guy called Seven.

8) <-- Smiley face with sunglasses or not?

It is.

9) Take note, my friend. 2014 will be the year I do a thing. A THING! Are you excited for said unspecified as of yet thing?


10) Are you annoyed yet?

Yes. Don't ever darken my Q&As ever again.

jklol, I still <3 you


1. What's your favorite genre?

I'm going to assume you mean story genre, and answer with 'Comedy'.

If you meant music, then the answer is 'hip-hop' (or 'rap', if you prefer).

2. (This is part 2 of my zombie survival question) If you had to find shelter where would it be?

With my fitness level, I wouldn't make it to shelter. I'd be zombie food before you knew it.

3. Do you like and/or watch The Walking Dead?

I've never watched it, and I never will. I'm not really into the whole 'zombie/horror' thing.

4. What's your strategy to make a one-shot?

If an idea pops into my head, I'll write it down. If I like the idea, I'll make a one-shot — which usually means making it up as I go along.

5. Do you have GTAV?

For the PS3, yes. I go on GTA Online a fair bit; feel free to add GeodesicDragon on PSN if you've got it.

6. Is Geo's personality much like yours or did you just create him out of imagination?

Geo's personality is the opposite of mine. He's brave, while I tend to avoid conflict. He's also a smooth talker, while I stumble over words and find it hard to talk to people. I guess you could say he's the interpretation of how I'd like myself to be.

7. Sometimes you use Skype, other times you use teamspeak. Why do you use Skype if it causes so many problems with group chats?

Because not everyone I talk to on Skype uses the TeamSpeak server I frequent, much like how not everyone on TeamSpeak has added me on Skype.

8. That Flutterwick idea for a Gmod animation sounds good but I don't know what to make out of it. What do you want this to be about, involving Haywick and Fluttershy?

It would have to be something cute, that much is certain. Perhaps Fluttershy is scared of something and Haywick comforts her?

9. If Twilight actually met you in person, what would you do?

Die of happiness.

10. What are your thoughts on westerns?

I've never actually watched one, if I'm honest. Is that something I should be ashamed of?

Lord Sandwich

1. What is your favorite type of sandwich?

Ham and cheese.

2. With the CMC, you have to screw one, marry one, and kill one, what do you do?

Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed.

You never said I could only use each one once. :trollestia:

3. What is your favorite torture device to use on others?

Justin Bieber songs.

4. What is your strangest fantasy?


Surplus Flow

Dear Geo(user)

You have entered Heaven, would you like angel milk,Nutella, or Irn Bru?

Irn Bru, obviously, ye numpty.

If a cat could flip over a dog, where are your nuts?

A squirrel got them. I'm lying here in agony.

May the power of Christ compell you! Maybe?

Nope, because I'm an Atheist. :twilightsmile:

Ding dong murther fucker, where's my updates?

You'll get your updates when I fucking well say so, bitch.

Do you plan on becoming the president of the moon?

No, because the last resident of the moon left ages ago. Why would I want to become President of a place nopony lives in anymore?

Is it true that you would rather kiss Flash Sentry?


Can you shoot a floating penny in space if you had a water gun and was standing on a pile shit on earth?

No. My aim is off.

Are my questions random?

I've seen random...er questions than these. *glares at Tim and Advisor The Accursed One*

Can you refer back to the holy Old spice bible?

Still an Atheist. :pinkiehappy:

Have you heard of ballonified ponies?

If they're what I think they are, then yes... and they scare me. R34 creeps me out sometimes.

John 117

My question to you would be; Where do you get your story and plot ideas, and how do you maintain that wanting or push to actually write something?

I've been kinda down on my own stories when it comes to that, so anything would help really.

Most of my ideas just come to me entirely at random. Of Horses And Whorses, for example, came to me while I was on the bus going into work and I saw some horses in a field. I thought about how I'd seen 'whorse' used in some stories to mean a prostitute, and decided to make something of it. Twilight Sparkle Waits For A Train was also inspired by a bus trip. It was late, as usual, and I wondered how Twilight would react in the same situation, but since they don't have buses in Equestria I opted to replace it with a train instead.

As for actually writing, it's usually when I get some free time... though there have been times when I've simply stared at the screen for hours on end, or simply gone off to do something else.

... this isn't really helping you, is it? :raritydespair:

Hunter reaper

What was your inspiration for the Geoverse stories?

Funny story: The name 'Geoverse' didn't come into existence until after the third, maybe fourth, story had been released. I was creating the group and I needed a suitable name, so I took a leaf out of Xenophilia's book. It was set in a universe that was simply referred to as the 'Leroverse', so I simply copied that idea, and lo — the Geoverse was born.

To the author of Xenophilia: I am so sorry for pinching your idea.

Did you think they would be this popular?

I was expecting To Friend Is Human to be downvoted into Red-and-Black Alicorn OC Hell. So I was pleasantly surprised when people asked to see more. Several stories later and the series is still going strong. So no, I didn't think they would be this popular. But I'm glad they are... I :heart: you guys!

How far was the A New Home series when you found it?

If I recall correctly it was halfway through the first story when I came across it in the Featured Box. I was intrigued by the thought of a Human child in Equestria, and so I read it. Feels aside, it was a very good story. So good, in fact, I even wrote a Geoverse crossover with it!

Any advice for a starting writer?

* Get an editor.
* Don't let anyone tell you that you can't write.
* Take all criticism to heart. Negative comments, when well written, can help you learn from your mistakes.
* Try not to rush things in your story (like I did with Twilight and Geo's three-day whirlwind romance).


Thirty-eight questions?! All right then...


1. A blind person walks up to you and asks you for directions but you have a meeting in 30 seconds on the other end of town. What do you do?

I'd help them out, since there is no way I can travel at the speed of light in order to make it to my meeting.

2. What is your biggest fear?

Spiders. I fucking hate them.

3. A squirrel, a cat, and a dog meet in a forest. The squirrel says "I have ten things hidden under this tree over there!" - What do you think the cat and the dog answer? What do you think are those things?

The cat would probably eat the squirrel and the dog would lick itself. As for the things under the tree... nuts. Lots of them.

4. You win 1 billion pounds in the lottery. What is the first thing you buy with that money?

I'd buy plushies for myself (I'd get plushies of my OC, Fluttershy, Twilight, Cheerilee, Luna, Spitfire, Celestia, Cadence, Lyra and Sweetie Belle) as well as all my friends. And I'd get them from White Dove Creations, since her plushies look fucking AWESOME.

5. Do you wash your hands after you've been on the toilet?

Of course I do!

6. If you answered the above questions with yes: Why? Do you piss on your hands?

If you answer with no: What kind of unhygienic freak are you?!

Because it's the right thing to do, that's why!

7. Someone offers you a PS4 for your most-loved possession. Would you say yes to the deal? What would that most-loved possession be?

I'd say no, because my much-loved possession isn't worth the price of a PS4. Said possession is a little teddy bear money bank that I've had for pretty much my entire life. Sure, it may be sappy and have no monetary value — but its sentimental value is through the roof.

8. Someone offers you an Xbone that you won't be able to sell for 600 Pounds. What do you say to that person?

"Put that thing back in your pants and fuck off, or I'm calling the cops."

9. How did you murder the person that offered you the Xbox One?

I didn't, because the cops turned up.

10. What are your thoughts on the whole NSA scandal and the reaction of your country to it?

I personally couldn't care less, since I have nothing to hide. As for the UK reaction... it's understandable.

11. Who is your favourite politician?

Boris Johnson... which is funny since 1) he's a Tory and I don't vote for them and 2) he's the Mayor of London and I live in Scotland. He's just such a crazy bastard!

12. Do you think a whale could swim in space?

Uhh... maybe? If it wore a big enough suit, that is.

13. A horse shows up right outside your house. At first it's nice but then it starts shitting on your lawn and won't leave. What do you do?

Call the nice people at Findus to take it away. :trollestia:

14. Your weapon of choice? Your mass does not count.

It doesn't?

... welp, I'm dead.

15. How often do you give away hugs to people you don't like?

Never — unless you count the bear hugs I use to CRUSH THE VERY LIFE OUT OF THEM.

16. How often do you hug someone you do like?

Not as often as I should. :raritydespair:

17. You find a lavender-coloured foal on your daily trip through a forest. It looks cute and looks at you with puppy-eyes (or the equivalent of puppy eyes on a foal). What do you do?

Take it home! :twilightsmile:

18. Said lavender-coloured foal grows a horn. What's your reaction when it pokes you in the ass?

Surprise at first, but that would give way to indifference.

19. The lavender-coloured foal turns out to be Twilight Spankle. What do you do?

Spankle? Oh, shit... I remember that name. This will not turn out well.

20. Twilight Spankle turns out to be a ungrateful bastard. After giving it a free home, food and tons of hugs, it says it hates you and that you stink and that you can go to hell. How do you kill it?

21. After you've successfully got rid of Twilight Spankle a foal crawls out of the dead Twilight Spankle - turns out the ungrateful bastard was simply pregnant. The little foal turns out to be the real Twilight Sparkle. And you killed it's mother. But Twilight Sparkle does not know that! What do you do?

I would tell her the truth.

22. You and Twilight Sparkle lived together for 1 year now. She is fully grown up (I have no idea how long it takes for ponies to grow up) and starts to develop a crush on you. How do you explain to her that there is such a thing as a species barrier in the human world?

I'd tell her straight... that, at one year old, she's far too young for me to bang (no foalcon here, kthx), and to wait until she's a lot older.

23. Twilight is dying. After 34 years of love that you experienced together her time has come (again, I have no idea how long ponies live). What do you think are her last words to you? What would you say to her? Do you think you can live on without her?

Her last words to me would be the same as my last words to her: "I love you." — and I probably wouldn't be able to live without her. :raritycry:

24. How did you manage to hide Twilight from the public? O_o

25. What is the one thing you want to do that you know you will never be able to do?

Duh, go to Equestria! Or, for a more realistic answer: write a book.

26. Do you smoke? Did you ever?

I tried it once when I was in school, since peer pressure is a bitch. I didn't like it, and I've never done it since.

27. Do you drink alcohol?

I drink cider. Bulmers and Magners FTW.

28. Do you take any medications we should be aware of?

Once again, I find myself invoking my right to refuse to answer a question.

29. Have you ever been in a hospital? What was it like?

I had to go up because my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. I was waiting for nearly an hour, just to be given some gauze and told to go home. NHS LOGIC.

30. What happened to your third arm?

I wasn't aware that I had a third arm... :rainbowderp:

31. Do your parents know that you watch MLP? Do they accept that?

My mum is OK with it, and my dad takes the piss out of me.

32. How are you doing?

I'm good, thanks. You?

33. How was your week? I bet it was pretty boring.

You're right, it was.

34. What is your favourite type of weather?

Cloudy. No sun, no rain... just clouds.

35. What tip can you give your American readers - How can they keep warm?

Follow the advice of someone who actually knows what they're talking about, because I don't.

36. How can someone get an autograph from you?

The day someone wants my autograph is the day Tara Strong declares her love for me.

37. I had ten more questions but pressed CTRL+R. How big of an idiot am I?

A Prince Blueblood sized idiot.

38. Did ya miss me?

I always miss talking to my favourite German.

Advisor The Accursed One (sent after I removed the ten-question limit)

For Geo:

1) How is knowing you're fucking everybody's waifu?

(Geo is face-down in the Canterlot Palace garden in a small crater which Twilight is trying to pull him out of.)
Geo (muffled): It's great! And as soon as I get out of this hole, I'ma get straight into another hole!
(Twilight pauses, glares at him and continues trying to free him.)

For the man behind the series:

1) Did you know that the longest word you can type with JUST the top row of a keyboard is typewriter?

No I did not. I learned something today! :twilightsmile:

2) Wanna hear a joke? No? TOO BAD!!! A Roman walks into a bar and orders a martinus. The bartender asks, "You mean a martini?" The Roman replies, "If I wanted a double, I'd have asked for it."


3) Was Scotland STUPIDLY COLD on the 7th of January 2014? Because where I live was negative five.

Nope. If memory serves me correctly: it was raining a bit, but the temperature was in the single digit postives rather than the negatives.

4) Did you know that -40° Fahrenheit is the same as -40° Celsius?


5) Click this link. Nothing too bad is there, despite the link. shadyurl.com for the win

shadyurl.com? Looked more like 5z8.com/freeporn[REST OF LINK REDACTED] to me, you plonker.


As for why this was delayed... well, did you see that drawing I used as part of my answer to greatodyer's fifth question? I had that commissioned just for this blog. Best £8 I ever spent. Flutterwick for the win!

Until next time, folks, stay strong. Let me know if there are any formatting issues: I typed this entire blog in Notepad just in case something happened.

I am never removing the question limit again.

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And yeah...ALWAYS keep a limit on :rainbowlaugh:


Yeah, I've learned my lesson.

Also, you owe me £8.

Hopefully you know shadyurl.com makes links shady. This turned into this.


That's the third thing you've taught me today. I guess I'm the plonker... *clicks link* ... :rainbowlaugh:

this was fun! i will join in next time for sure!:pinkiehappy:

Also, I actually wrote that thing. It was copy/pasted from a Skype chat, except for minor edits such as removing names, timestamps, and edit marks.

10. What are your thoughts on westerns?

I've never actually watched one, if I'm honest. Is that something I should be ashamed of?

Not really. IMO, there's only one "Western" that you really need to see: Blazing Saddles.


I'll be doing another one next month. :pinkiehappy:

5. I don't have PSN, not anymore at least. Ever since Black Ops stormed the shelves, my little brother's been hogging the console all to himself. So now I just use Xbox:fluttershysad: Other than that, My brother's name is ZOMBIEponage15. He too plays GTAV but unfortunately, he's not a brony. Just thought I'd throw that in there. :twilightsheepish:

10. No, not really. Just curious because I've noticed that type of genre rarely showing up on the big screens. I thought maybe people just don't like westerns anymore. But look at the new ones being produced. Some are pretty cool. The currant one I've actually enjoyed is this:

My two last questions are for Blue blood, Filthy and Sterling :
2/ Are you part of Ratification Council ? (if they answer yes, Boot to theirs heads !)

Blueblood: As if I would divulge that information to the likes of a mere peasant such as yourself. *turns nose up snootily*



Oh, really? Guess I'll have to think of more stuff to ask...

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