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Applejack is best pony~~

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Happy New Year! · 11:21am Jan 7th, 2014

Or "Back to Work 2"

Hello, all! Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been absolutely swamped with work because of the holidays - a little unexpected at times, actually. =/ I also currently don't have my regular laptop, as I broke it right before Christmas *le sigh* It's in for repairs, and hopefully I'll get it back soon. (Thank you, extended warranty! You are a life saver!)

So, Happy New Years, y'all! Even if it's a week into the New Year, I'm back on normal schedule now and can truly appreciate it! I can also prepare for some awesome stuff coming up, like BABScon. My husband and I have some projects we're working on to have ready by then, and I also want to post up a few stories before that happens. It's nice to write again, but ...it's damn hard! My inner critic is loud and doesn't like to be silenced.

But enough about that~~ How have YOU been? Any interesting New Years Resolution? And while I'm sure I'll hear a lot of people being, "Those never work, blah blah blah"...well, I like them. New beginnings and all! I have several, but it's more like under one major idea, -Get Things Done-.

Anyways, how about you guys?

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Comments ( 7 )

Glad ta have ya back:twilightsmile:

Welcome back to the world of poni :twilightsmile:

New Year resolutions? Uh, bit of an odd one, but not to work as much lest I strangle someone was my only resolution this year.

I'm bad at making resolutions.

Happy New Year:twilightsmile:

Welcome back, and happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

New year resolutions, hmm. I've actually only made one of those in the past, and I did manage to follow it. I suppose this year I just want to have my diet be more vegan by the end of the year. Setting the bar low increases chances of success! (As does under-qualifying your goals.) :facehoof:

1692081 Sooo, I'm guessing that means you've strangled someone already?
1692207 I was vegan for a month once ^_^ It's hard O.o But setting goals is supposed to be good for success...and all that jazz.

Happy New Year! I've been busy for once. I'm in training that will lead to a job if I don't fuck it up so that I can pay for my wedding. Speaking of which, planning for that is going along smoothely, most of what's left is for me and my side of the bridal party to get our tuxes (which I've been waiting for that job to have the money to do so; already had to dip into my savings to help pay for things when my fiance and her mom couldn't cause my parents are being butts and not helping).

No New Years resolution for me. I don't do those, I'm not just too lazy to keep them, I'm too lazy to make them in the first place :B


Almost strangled someone to be precise :derpytongue2:

My conscience ended up getting the better of me before I could go through with it :ajsleepy:

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