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Boring Personal Stuf · 4:03am Jan 3rd, 2014

Made mostly so the previous one-word post wouldn't be the latest one.
First of all, R.I.P Coby Electronics, I got many a cheap mp3 player from you. I know you were acquired by another company, but it's not the same...
Second of all, I got free reign over two-hundred dollars as a late Christmas gift! That's awesome!
And since there's an empty void left when my last coby mp3 broke... I'm going to stop pulling the fox with sour grapes act and finally get an ipod!
Not an ipod touch or nano mind you, not worth the price, and a computer can do anything one of them could do anyway... (except play music on the go!)
Now surely I here you ask, but kcacupcakes, if not a ipod touch or nano, then what apple-product could you be getting?
I will answer your question with another. What does apple sell that plays music, has 160gb of storage, and is still under 200$?
That's right for those who were playing (which is probably only 2 people, three if I am lucky), an ipod classic!
That's a downright miracle of consumerism if you ask me. It's probably only because the over-hyped touches and nanos' are so expensive that it can be this price anyway!

On an unrelated note, I remembered about a day ago that I didn't get any of my internet friends anything for Christmas, and I feel kind of bad for that. I will try to make that up!

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So what are the chances that you'll actually use more than twenty gigabytes of that for music?

Well I already have 8gb of music stored up by my previous experience from the Coby one...
Makes me wish now I didn't remove all the album art and convert most of the files to 128kps...

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