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    The Filly Buster

    In earth pony democratic tradition, when a minority group of council leaders, in opposition to the will of the majority, wish to stop or slow down a vote on a proposition they are opposed to (but believe will have the votes to pass), they may engage in a Filly Buster, in which opposition members of the council will continue talking once given their chance to make their statement in opposition.

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    Can't argue with the muse

    I know it probably wasn't on anyone's high priority to see more of list, but I am working on Being Chaos because the story started talking to me again. The next chapter is not directly based on any of the episodes; still following the canon timeline but we're finding out what Celestia wanted Discord for, and Eric is learning more about Discord's powers.

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    Very minor change to Not the Hero

    In "Blueblood, This Is Your Life!" I changed language about Cadance being related to Sombra to being related to Amore, since later on I decided to accept the Umbrum backstory for Sombra.

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    Gonna do a re-read of Not the Hero

    Damn thing is long enough that I may actually be out of the 52 Project and able to work on it by the time I finish. :-)

    It's my first priority once I can write fanfic again. At this point, I've taken enough hiatus weeks that the project's completion has pushed out to the first week of May rather than right before April.

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    Back on track with 52 Project... mostly

    I fell way behind in the last part of 2020. Missed my deadline on Nov. 27, so story 35 came out week 36. Story 36 came out week 37. Story 37 didn't come out until shortly after Christmas, and then I declared an official hiatus where I wasn't going to come back until Jan. 15.

    38 came out today. We should be in week 42, I've officially lost 4 weeks.

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Elements of Opposition (Series Page) · 3:08pm Jan 2nd, 2014

Series page for "Elements of Opposition".

Series uses backstory from The Last Draconequus and directly proceeds from Princess Twilight Sparkle Endcaps. Series in general is rated mature for torture and rape, though not all individual stories contain these components.

Discord In Hell (Not Literally): Discord travels to an alternate timeline so he can have fun without angering his new friends, and ends up in a horrible situation.

Twilight Sparkle's Report On Fluctuations Of The Local Entropic Gradient And A Proposed Solution : Twilight Sparkle, element of Magic and Order, reports to Princess Celestia on her findings regarding the apparent re-emergence of Discord. Technically speaking this story occurs chronologically before "Discord in Hell", but it makes no sense if you have not read that story.

Dragonfire and Sympathy: Spike is trying not to muster up any sympathy for Discord.

Light Rain: Bridge between "Princess Twilight Sparkle Endcaps" and this series. Discord shows Fluttershy rain made of light. The first part of this story takes place after "Detente", before any of the stories here; the second half takes place after "Dragonfire and Sympathy".

Elements of Opposition: The Mane 6 go to the alternate universe to save Discord. This gets graphic. Be warned.

Report alarajrogers · 11,815 views · Story: Discord in Hell (Not Literally) ·
Comments ( 4 )

ooooh i cant wait for the next part :fluttershyouch:


Gave this a promote on my tumblr. This is so amazing I am in absolute love with this.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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