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Callout for Editors/Proofreaders... and a tiny hint. · 7:48am Jan 2nd, 2014

As of this moment, I am looking for editors/proofreaders.
[In advance, I don't have skype but I can get it if really necessary.]
This concerns both my finished stories as well as those that are still being written. Anything from grammatical errors, bad lingo and style needs correction. This work will envolve checking old chapters for errors or needed changes, as well as checking drafts for new ones.
My major concern is bad grammar and writing style (repition is my mission), but I also welcome suggestions to alter paragraphs if it helps the reading flow or is simply better written than the crap I so often spill forth (like that just now). But please, please don't feel insulted if I reject to make changes you suggested if I feel it simply doesn't fit the atmosphere of the writing.
You will, of course, get noted on the story and user page for your efforts. You can also feel free to hit me up any time if you have a question of your own or want me to look over a draft of yours for some feedback (never happened before but here's hoping).
Please, if you consider doing this don't stop doing it after two chapters, neither of us is going to enjoy that.
All stories are in need of editing, one editor per story at first so I can see how it works.
First stories open for candidacy are the two reader books as well as the the watcher trilogy and diary of a store clerk.
Simply write a comment (not pm or this will become confusing for me) on which story you want to work, first come first serve. (I am not going to hold trials, seriously. If more than one person wants to work on the same story you'll have to work it out with one another.)

Hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks for sparing me your time. Go raid your fridge for food, becauses that's what I'm doing right now. You deserve that bacon/donut or [insert assorted snacks].
the Gnoll

PS: Did you see the hint?

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I'd like to offer my services for "the Reader" series. It is one of my favorites of yours, alongside Souls Apart, the Watcher... suffice to say, while all of your stuff is awesome, I'd like to tackle "the Reader," the first and possibly the sequel. It was the first of yours I ever read.
I have the first book downloaded as PDF on my laptop, simply because I've been travelling, and reading it without internet access is hard.
I have an awkward schedule, but I'd like to try to help. While I can't promise I won't be busy for long stretches of time, I'll do my best.
-Silver Page

Editing seems very interesting. I can't say that I've gotten a lot of experience, but there's only one way to get that. As for which story I should edit, then I can find out later, right now I need some sleep. :pinkiecrazy:


I would like to have a stab at it. I was re-reading 'the reader' only the other day and I noticed a few small errors. I have never done this before but you have to start sometime I suppose.

I could try editing for the Princess and her Flying Axe... I don't recall much repetition in that fanfic, nor it's prequel though... Spelling and grammar however, I can certainly help with.

This work will envolve


Wow, I'm already doing it...
Oh wait, you meant a comment here about which story we'd want? D'oh.
Well, yeah, I guess I could try one of the watcher stories, whichever one(s) haven't been taken yet.

Hit me with Store Clerk, Love that story and it looks like Reader is taken.

Edit: I can dedicate 1 hour to this daily, and up to 5+ on my days off work.

Uh. Do you mind if we pre-read and edit your blog posts from now on as well? XD So many errors, those have got to be intentional.

And yes, it's hard to miss a hint like that.

Alright, we have editors for the first set of stories. I thank you for your time and will wait for you first notes and messages. Just send me a pm with your corrections. I'll be sending you new chapters as I go along.

PS: You can also reach me by mail, at gnollreader@gmail.com

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