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    Story APPROVED!

    IT'S UP!

    Go check out...

    The New Life Of A Human Assassin!

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    Story is waiting approval!

    I hope you're ready for something original, guys!

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    New Story incoming!

    Hello, all! I have come to tell you that I am currently working on the first chapter of a new story! Be prepared to read this week!

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    I'm getting kinda sick of this.

    By 'this', I mean all of the shipping stories getting featured. Now, not that I have a problem with shipping; It's my favorite past-time! It's more of the ships themselves that I don't like. Sure, I'm warming up to TwiDash, and I consider RariPie a cool ship[I can't ship it though], but...

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FIMFICTION BROKE! · 5:29pm Dec 27th, 2013


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