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What's Canon in MPLT? (Updated) · 6:35am Dec 26th, 2013

There's been some discussion and curiosity as to what episodes from FiM are canon in Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight. But fret not. Herein lies my 'word of god' from the series bible I have for this fic. Since this is an AU, some episodes will be considered non-canon for the purposes of this work. For now, here's the basic list.

Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight: The first 'season' of the fic takes place between the events of The Best Night Ever and Return of Harmony. As such, the Jewel Seed Incident occurs before Discord's escape.

Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's: The second 'season' occurs during Season 2, but before the events of A Canterlot Wedding. By the time the Wolkenritter attack, Discord is sealed away as a statue. Until A Canterlot Wedding, the episodes proceed as normal.

After A's, the following changes are in effect.
A Canterlot Wedding -Heavily Changed. There is no Changeling attack on Canterlot. The wedding goes off without a hitch.
The Crystal Empire - Mostly unchanged, though Yuuno and Princess Luna are involved in the events in the Empire.
Too Many Pinkie Pies - Mostly unchanged.
One Bad Apple - No Change.
Magic Duel - Non-Canon. The Alicorn Amulet is still at large, however.
Sleepless in Ponyville - No Change
Wonderbolt Academy - No Change
Apple Family Reunion - No Change
Spike at Your Service - Non-Canon. No real relation to MPLT, I just greatly dislike the episode.
Games Ponies Play/Just For Sidekicks - No Change
Keep Calm and Flutter On - No Change. Discord will likely show up later in StrikerS.
Magical Mystery Cure - Non-Canon. This is primarily because of how alicorns work in the MPLT-verse. There will be no Twilacorn. The only reason Twilight is called 'The Alicorn Ace' in StrikerS is because her flight spell gives her magic wings, thus making her look like one of the alicorn princesses.
Equestria Girls - Heavily Changed. Twilight may have experimented with being human, but not in high school. Sunset Shimmer is still around. She just didn't jump through a magic mirror into the human world...
Princess Twilight Sparkle - Heavily Changed, though the Elements were still given up. They also receive the Mysterious Box of Harmony (tm).
Castle Mane-ia - Mostly Unchanged.
Daring Don't - Non-Canon. I'd prefer Daring Do to remain a fictional character.
Flight to the Finish - No Change
Power Ponies - No Change
Bats! - No Change
Rarity Takes Manehattan - No Change
Pinkie Apple Pie - No Change
Rainbow Falls - No Change.
Three's a Crowd - No Change
Pinkie Pride - No Change
Simple Ways - No Change
Filli Vanilli - No Change
Twilight Time - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn.
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Still Canon, but... ugh...
Somepony to Watch Over Me - No Change
Maud Pie - No Change
Trade Ya - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls - No Change
Leap of Faith - No Change
Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - No Change
Inspiration Manifestation - No Change
Equestria Games - No Change
Twilight's Kingdom - Pretty much non-canon. No Twilacorn as previously mentioned, and I'm not sure what to do with the Box of Harmony quite yet. However, Tirek's magic-eating does fit in with the Book of Darkness. As an aside, I'm pretty sure the Wolkenritter would try to kill Tirek almost immediately if they found him.

Comments ( 18 )

How about never happened for Power Ponies? I mean with all the changes that Spike and Twilight went through they would be Mary Sues in the comicverse.

Though, they seemed to be restricted to the Power Ponies' powerset while in the comic, so magic might not work the same way in there.

Spike at Your Service - Non-Canon. No real relation to MPLT, I just greatly dislike the episode.

Hahaha, I can definitely get behind that idea.

1649470 We don't really know the full extent of the Power Ponies capabilities in that episode other than what Spike explained. I mean Spike has grown more powerful since A's and I think that since then he's also matured a lot in terms of his magical potential. As for Twilight more than likely her device went with her and let's face it Mane-iac wouldn't stand a chance against Twilight once she's bound and is looking down the barrel of a pointblank Starlight Breaker.

It could become an AU if it was Spike, Fate, Trixie and her knights instead of the him and the Mane 6. It would be funny to see that happen instead.

It likely wouldn't last very long. It'd be something akin to this:
Mane-iac: So, Ponies, you think you can st-
Signum/Radiance: Yes.
Signum/Radiance: *dissolves the sword-shaped attack construct.* Threat neutralized.
Spike: Um... I-I don't think that's how the story's supposed to go...

1649747 Problem is that Trixie has a "No Killing" policy so even though Mane-iac is fictional she's still an actual pony. Besides killing her would just be overly clich├ęd and a waste of a perfectly good opportunity for Spike to step up.

I know, but the thought still amuses me. Consider it an 'omake' version of what could happen.

Magic Duel - Non-Canon.

Well, Trixie has no reason to want revenge on Twilight, after all.

The Alicorn Amulet is still at large, however.The Alicorn Amulet is still at large, however.

Something tells me it's going to pop up in StrikerS. Maybe when it's examined after it has been found, they'll find that it's powered by a Relic.

Power Ponies - Uh... I'm not really sure... This one was pretty weird.

Considering Nanoha magic, I'd expect the fact that magic items that can do that are casually sold to be a pretty big deal, overshadowing anything that actually happens inside. So, either never happened or make the existence of the comic itself important.

So what scared Chrysalis off from making an invasion attempt? Did she decide to shelve her plans after witnessing that everyone who would be involved is extremely badasss? Or did she merely decide to set her sights higher and is now trying to insert her agents into the TSAB?

i can't say. Spoilers.

What happened to Sombra, did Luna get revenge for her daughter in the end?

Without getting into spoilery stuff, basically what happened in canon. Sombra got his s*** wrecked by a pretty pink pony princess.

However, Tirek's magic-eating does fit in with the Book of Darkness. As an aside, I'm pretty sure the Wolkenritter would try to kill Tirek almost immediately if they found him.

I will say that it would a rather ironic Hoist by Their Own Petard moment if Tirek managed to drain them.

Don't see why the box would hold something different, it just wouldn't turn into a castle afterwards. Maybe some sort of mobile base? A Garden of Harmony if you will.

One question about The Crystal Empire, are Celestia and Twilight still able to cast that "Hate Magic"? After all, access to what seems to be a different style of magic can be really useful. (And will we see Twilight use more unicorn magic? You know, like the totally broken gravity inversion or polymorph?)

On another note, I know its already too late but Twilight becoming an alicorn was that disruptive for your story? I mean, what I understood from that episode was that Twilight used a fate altering spell, pretty much slapping reality until it gave her wings.
Since it is such an special case that doesn't seem repeatable (enabled by the elements, no one succeeding before, etc) it doesnt have to contradict the "normal" way of being an alicorn from blood.

PS: Tirek could be considered the inspiration for the book of darkness, since he was stealing magic LONG time before Luna created the Book.

Twilight will probably be busting out more proper unicorn magic in StrikerS, yes. And both Celestia and Twilight still have access to the 'hatemagic' that Sombra uses. They just don't use it for obvious reasons.

And yes, Twilight being an alicorn would be somewhat disruptive. I'd rather keep her as a unicorn for this story.

What happened to the sirens in your universe?

I'd prefer Daring Do to remain a fictional character.

I still, after all this time, have no idea why people are of that opinion. Seems like an awesome concept and probably one of the best episodes so far, at least in season 4.

Still, nice of you to post this.

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