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Jury Duty: audiobook edition. · 2:26pm Dec 23rd, 2013

The only word I have to fit this: brilliant.

This was created by obabscribbler, and I pretty much in no way deserved it. It's a beautiful piece of work. Musical background, the gavel sound effects, and the character voices... it just works, and then it goes beyond mere working via multiple rocket boosters.

An argument could be made that of my efforts, Jury Duty is the most suited for an audio production. It's a pure dialogue story. The entire Mane Cast is present, so the voice actress gets to exercise her vocal chops all the way across the standard range. It's a short piece, so there's a minimum of strain. And it's very nearly pure silliness, so have at it and quasi-darned be she that first cries 'I move for a directed dismissal!' So in that sense, if anyone was going to latch onto another story and try to record it, this was just as arguably the one to go for.

But to get this...

I nearly came in here with a full barrage of shielding lines ready to go. I had a Top Ten 'I'm So Flattered That...' punchlines list with eight slots already filled. (Flatland, the spontaneous non-surgical loss of multiple cup sizes, outside during an anvil storm, free agent in Seattle... tomato magnets, basically.) Joking through it because getting sincere emotions out in this sort of medium and making them resonate can feel too awkward just before going into full-fledged 'Impossible, giving up now'. Also, try throwing yourself at someone's virtual feet in gratitude. Go ahead, try it. Let me know how much of your screen is left afterwards.

But -- sometimes the language is just too weak. The standard words are inadequate. But they're all that's ever available, and you just feel like there should be something more, something more effective and expressive -- and you're still stuck with the dictionary. Just like everyone else.

In the end, all I have is 'Thank you.' And it feels like there should be more.

Stupid centuries-of-linguistic-development.

The ellipses and double-hyphens turned into Actual Flow Of Speech. Wow.

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Comments ( 7 )
Author Interviewer

I am looking forward to this. :3

This is the first reading of Scribbler's I've actually listened to, and holy crap. I can see why 1639085 raves about her so much on his blog. Those character voices. Those voices!

I was kind of expecting her to use the Phoenix Wright gavel sound effect, given that the courtroom art used is a background from that game, but the deeper sound used I think lends the story a gravitas that works well in counterpoint to the ludicrousness of the text. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

See? I like good things. :B

^_^ I'm really glad you liked it. I actually found you via another reading of one of your fics: Sonic Rainbigot by Goombasa. I'm exceptionally glad I did. :twilightsmile:


Thank you. I worry constantly about my character voices, as I never quite think I've got them right. It's heartening to think I did a good enough joy that you found it enjoyable.

1646063 Just as funny now as it was then. Applause to you all. :pinkiehappy:

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