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Dec 26th - The Story Continues · 7:45am Dec 23rd, 2013

The first chapter of the sequel to "Veil of Thoughts" will post the day after xmas. For now here is the cover image teaser. Enjoy!

Report Starwin · 940 views · Story: Veil of Thoughts ·
Comments ( 27 )

The image is broken, man! Thought you should know. Don't want to sully the good news.

Link ist broken, but I have to say, i like the image:)
Good morning Chaos.

It's this one:

1638535, 1638543
Odd, it shows up for me. Will add the other link to the post, as FiM wont accept a none image file in the link.

Thats really odd, because even now, after I've seen the image, it does not show up in your post.

Ah, I got it, you link is not to an image, but to a http page. We can't see this because the last part of the link does not end to something like (.png, .jpg, .gif):)

Not sure why, it shows up on both my mobile and other machines. But hopefully the link should suffice.

Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that!

Awwwwww yeahh! Veil of Thoughts sequel! Can't wait for it man, VOT is probably in my top 10 favorite fanfics I have read. Can't wait to see wha happens in the sequel :3


Unless the cover image is just text, that link still doesn't work. It's very strange. I got that page by dragging and dropping the image into a new tab, as well. Huh.

Oh man, I've been waiting for this for a very. VERY long time! This is gonna be so awesome.

It seems, that the combination of letters and numbers is different.
This link works when put into [img][/img] tags.


Huh... it looks like the image's link is changing... darn you, Discord! Maybe try putting it on different host site? Imgur or something?

Awesome! :pinkiehappy: I loved Veil of Thoughts, and I never thought or knew it would get a sequel. :yay:

:rainbowderp: I mean... no, that's what I mean.
Finally! One of the best stories on the site is getting its sequel! :yay:
Maybe I should go back and read the original again first... :applejackunsure:


Won't work neither.
The whole web is based on links, if you open the link you posted, you get redirected to the old one.
Only way to get around this is to upload the image somewhere else, where you can host simple data (Means: a link to the image, not a link to a web page/another Link). Arg, it's complicated to explain:derpyderp2:

PS: Can't wait *sabber*

1639265, 1638639, 1638989, 1639026
Alright, I think that should fix it (just created the story here and linked the cover image). Let me know if its still invisible for you and I will try to come up with something else. Not sure why this had to be so darn complicated.

1639378 The fix worked. Looking forward to reading the actual fic.


Just what the doctor ordered.

Ooh, neat! Veil of Thoughts has stayed quite prominently in my memory because of how you handled the reader feedback on it, and while I very much liked the ending you went with over the original plan I've always been a little concerned that you might not. The fact that you decided to write a sequel allays that concern. :)

Looking forward to reading it!

Oh? Excellent. I finished reading Veil of Thoughts about a week ago. I'm interested to see what you'll do with the premise in a sequel.


I don't remember ever forgetting. (This story.)

Oh hey! Didn't expect that. Good. I always kind of thought "Veil of Thoughts" didn't resolve itself fully, so a sequel should be welcome as it gives the story the chance to fix that. I am curious to see what you have planned. :twilightsmile:

Holy crap a sequel!

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