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  • 384 weeks
    proofreader found

    I found a new proofreader that is willing help me with my future chapters. She will be first read what chapter i have already published then she will get to work on Chapter Five: Kindness Part-Two. Just have some patient, i know i had to. If you have any questions just PM me or post a comment below.

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  • 390 weeks
    Finally Chapter 4 is out

    Sorry Chapter 4 took forever, and i know i haven't post a new blog in awhile, mostly I blame collage courses. But thank to my friend, Superdale33, we finally finish chapter four. It now on FimFiction http://www.fimfiction.net/story/154684/darwin-guardian-of-the-sun-moon and FanFiction https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9945779/3/DARWIN-Guardian-of-the-Sun-Moon. So ok that it. O

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  • 409 weeks
    Good and Bad news

    Bad news everyone.
    my post "School is coming" said that i was working on chapter six. That was a error, i really working on chapter five. But i already edited that post even thought it was posted a long time ago. For that i like to apologized for that.

    But "Good new everyone"
    I just finished chapter five "HAZA". Now i just have to find a new editer for chapter four and five.

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  • 410 weeks
    Request for Help

    Yell yesterday was my birthday on a side note but this is a request for help

    I am looking for a second editor my my story DARWIN: Guardian of the Sun and Moon.
    If anyone has any experience in editing pleas contact me at once.

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  • 410 weeks

    Well I was surprise today. I went to check my story statics on FanFiction.net and I notice that 11 people views my story in a day. That the second big's day cents it came out. It was slow this past month for that site but when I say that I was surprise . Now I must get back to work, the thing I do to keep me for school because i'm so damn lazy.

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First three chapters are posted and done · 5:43am Dec 23rd, 2013

Darwin guardian of the sun and moon first three chapters are finally posted. Hope you enjoy my work and special thank to Superdael33 for editing and have a happy holidays every pony... I mean everyone.

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