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    I am become little orange girl horse

    All thanks to Captain Hairball, the coolest person ever. Holy crap, I was not expecting this. No one's ever drawn me a thing before. I love it so much. :rainbowkiss: I'm still squeeing, days after getting this wonderful surprise.

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    Twilight uses her magic to play catch with herself!
    Twilight needs some friends.

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    Dystopian ponies?

    And while we're on the subject, you should totally read this ponification of "Harrison Bergeron" from way back in the season one days of the fandom. Beautiful little oneshot. Man, the stuff you find buried in people's ancient Pastebin accounts.

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Biography · 10:07pm Dec 21st, 2013

Ah, yes, Cerulean Starlight is my beloved editor... and he doesn't really have an off switch...
Acreu Ball

I’m Alex, a Christian ENFP geek and nerd who loves Marty James, Terry Pratchett, The Chemical Brothers, roleplaying, grammar and linguistics, and Jet Set Radio Future. I try to be rad and unabashed. I spend too much time playing Hearthstone.

For a “Biography” sort of thing, listen to the songs “Lost Cause” by Scapegoat Wax, “Pinch Me” by Barenaked Ladies, and “The Impression That I Get” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They describe me well, and they’re great music.

After reading stories, I often send PMs of piles of grammatical corrections.
My favorite book, Up the Down Staircase, is about a high school language arts teacher, and the man I most look up to as an inspiring role model is a calculus teacher I know. There’s nothing better than learning and helping others learn, that's what I always say.
I proofread ponyfic, and my help’s free to anyone who cares to ask. My Skype name’s active_listener. And hey, whether or not you could use some editing, I could use rad people to chat with; feel free to add me!

My favorite pony used to be Twilight Sparkle for her infinite adorkableness, but roleplaying as Scootaloo and Rainbow Blitz has brought Rainbow Blitz Dash to be my favorite pony (and changed my OTP from TwiSpike to Rainbow BlitzxBubble Berry). She’s a perfect jerk with a heart of gold and maybe the most flawed and human member of the mane six.
Scootaloo’s a great character, too (and “Sleepless in Ponyville” is the best episode of the show). She’s rad. And she’s a kid—kids are childish and foolish, and they don’t have all that much wisdom or experience, and they screw up. My favorite kind of story is, to borrow the wording of a friend of mine, an “unhealthy romance”, about kids’ hasty, misjudged steps into part love, part lust, where wrong choices are made and things go to shit. A few of them about Scootaloo are to the left; I think they’re neat.
My favorite punctuation mark is the em dash.

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Comments ( 11 )

Dash is my favourite too. :rainbowwild:

Nice to know more about you Chen, I think you'd make a great teacher.:rainbowkiss:

Also, the new layout sucks.

I love the new lay out! Pages are a shit ton cleaner. 1632871

What made you want to do a biography page post?

And I think this was on your page before.

You know you can make a custom tag with your profile like my profile is done.

I love my new profile so much. Much easier to read.

we band together as proud Dashfags

"More"? Nah, this is just the contents of my old bio, as 1632958 observes. I'm displaying this blog post on my user page in lieu of the bio module. I would use a custom box module, but I'm already at the three-box limit, and I wasn't using my bog for anything much.

Hm . . . well, it's different. I'll miss the ability to reposition one's bio module. I never made use of it, but I loved some profiles I've seen that did use it, and to good effect. They would say, "This user page isn't about me, really—look at the fics I've recommended in the modules at the top of the page! You should check those out; they deserve some love." sort of thing.
I also miss, well, the bio. Why make users go through the trouble of repurposing a custom box or blog post in order to give basic information? A bio's integral in a fan community. Here, lemme quote some kinda research paper someone wrote about about FanFiction.Net:

Many members use the bio space to display preferences and dislikes that run the gamut from favorite music bands and video games to least favorite movies and subjects in school. Through these public symbols of affiliation, adolescents are able to forge connections with other members of the site who share their interest in these elements of popular culture. The bio space is also used to list favorite series and characters, as well as to state how long a member has been interested in a particular fandom. This allows members to display knowledge of the genre and to establish legitimacy as longtime fans.

But yeah, I'm pretty cool with the update. The followers module looks much better; I hated the old one. And you can now display favorite stories galleries with their short descriptions, but if the old style of galleries suits you better, you can just put them on the left side of the page, easy. And I love how the buttons linking to external accounts were shrunk and had their text removed. They took up a silly amount of space before and they don't need to be anything more than icons.


Spent ages setting it up.

I know, right?! :raritydespair: I would reposition things over and over again to see what arrangement of modules would make the two columns of my user page take up just the same amount of vertical space!

Oh! I just finished proofreading a chapter for another author; I can now start on the one you sent me! Thanks for your patience!

1633053 Then do what my page. Look at it.

You put your bio information in a custom box, yeah? What I'm saying is that I've already got stuff in the three custom boxes a user is allotted—Ask Scootaloo Pie in one, my favorite quotations in another, and various works of art I want to share in the third—and I don't want to replace one of those with or make it share its box with my biography.
I'm pretty much doing the same thing you're doing, I'm just using a blog post module instead of a custom box module.

Oh! Kilted! I wanna tell you I really loved reading your blog post about the Eq-Earth fic you're planning. It was so entertaining you wouldn't believe. Digressions were hilarious and perfectly placed. "Humans and Ponies have struggled and died-lol just kidding." set the whole rest of the thing up, I cracked up every time you affirmed that this is just a perfectly normal Earth, just like the one we live in, and this is a perfectly normal Ponyville, just like the one in the show.

1633082 All good. I'm going to have Maiah do a special picture for me so it will be on the homepage.

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