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My name is Nortes. I'm the owner of Spitfire Films.

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  • 335 weeks
    My Little Season: Friendship is Four

    Oh, haha Nortes. You're not funny.


    Ahem...well, I have finished Season 3 of My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead today. With a 4K+ word final chapter. Which is, by far, my best work yet.

    And yet, it's not over yet. We still have more to come.
    SEASON 4. Where the ponies go off to defeat the one behind it all. To stop this curse placed upon Equestria.

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  • 361 weeks
    My Little Zombie Season 3....WHAT?

    My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead has reached it's 3rd Season. I released it after finishing it's premiere, and I was unhappy with the result. 4 dislikes?! I'm not even done yet. I didn't even have this problem with Season 2 or Season 1. They got a lot of likes. But only 2 likes on Season 3 compared to 4 dislikes.

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  • 383 weeks

    I'm back. School's over (for me at least) and I'm ready to hop back onto Fimfiction and get right to work on My Little Zombie. No school for two days, a quick party and goodbye on Friday, and I'm free to do whatever, whenever. So gather your shotties and take aim at the rotten flesh, for I have more for MLZ!

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  • 384 weeks
    Writer's Block, Exams, and YouTube; Oh my!

    I believe I have been slowing down on My Little Zombie lately. There are three good reasons why I'm slowing down.

    1) I have constantly been receiving the well-known disease called "Writer's Block". It happens to me at least once every chapter, where I have a part that I didn't think of beforehand. It's been torturous, and I have been taking time out of school to work on fixing it.

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  • 385 weeks
    Season 2 of My Little Zombie

    You read it correctly. Season 2 of My Little Zombie has started today, and it's the best I ever thought of. The intro was 3,000 words of awesomeness, and it only gets better from there. Expect longer chapters, and more storyline. I don't think I could say much more before I start exposing spoilers. So, enjoy the second part.

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First Day on FIMFiction · 5:30am Dec 21st, 2013

ALRIGHTY THEN. I have been on here before but I have not been an official member. This is technically my first day as a Novelist on FIMFiction,net and I'd like to talk about it. So the first people I have befriended on here would be Mr. Afro Pony and Flint Sparks. These two are VERY great writers and I highly urge you to check them out if you haven't already. I've been writing novels for the longest time, even before I became a brony, which I wrote the first four books in the Spiritkeeper Series (Spiritkeeper, Celestial, Geisttaker, and Final Shade). After becoming a brony, I finished many other non-brony novels and fanfics before actually starting a fimfic. I have decided to share my fimfic here, so here I am. MLZ is actually a project me and my friends are working on. But first, I must write the story myself. I will be taking SOME requests or tips. Other than that, I hope you guys love me and accept me as a fellow novelist!

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