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Love the series, and I find fanfics enjoyable depending on whats in them. Not a big fan of dark,grim or clop (unless it's more romancey than sexy.)

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  • 41 weeks
    Well, here's the End.

    Since I've fallen out of the Fandom, my work has been nil on this website for some time. Just wanted to say that I had a blast writing for everyone, and I hope my tales bring people joy for years to come. As for me, I've gotta move on to being a real adult, so my fanfiction writing is no longer relevant to my life. I apologize if any of my stories you liked are all unfinished, I have no excuse

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  • 237 weeks
    Holy Crap, It's been almost a year.

    Hey guys, Shadow here. Not entirely sure anyone cares, but I've obviously ceased my pony fanfiction. I've had a rough few months, and lost a lot of the drive and passion I had for this spectacular community we call "Fimfiction". It's been a wonderful time, writing for you guys, and seeing that my work was actually enjoyed by some of you. However, as the months have passed, I found that I really

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  • 279 weeks

    So, remember my last blog post where I was whining and complaining and wasn't sure about stuff? Some of said stuff has been rectified. I payed off my back electric bill, so now I can have the electricity transferred into my name. The internet will also be transferred into my name. I have a new roommate coming in soon, we just started moving stuff in today. The Sequel to Rainbow's adventure on

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  • 280 weeks
    Huzzah!!! also Crap...

    Hey everypony! Shadow here with a bit of exciting news. I know a lot of my followers have come to me due mostly to my Rainbow Dash Humanfic. The good news is, as of like, 5 minutes ago, I finished the first chapter of the new story arc for Rainbow and Alex. This arc has been mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, just skim them to find the right one. The chapter itself, if approved in a

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  • 285 weeks

    Most of you probably don't care, but I'll be hosting an MLP Rp in the coming weeks. I need a few willing participants to get this thing started, and all are welcome to join. Trolls and cloppers will not be tolerated. This is meant to be something fun and appropriate for the fandom to enjoy when they have a few minutes to kill. As such, I will post more details once I know there's a decent bit of

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Announcement. Please Read. · 9:31am Dec 19th, 2013

Hey everypony, Southpaw here. I know I said a while back I'd be getting back into the fandom, but things changed between then and now, and once again, back to the fandom. I'm trying to resume collaboration with Sparknanator, as well as possibly working of a new ship-fic type dealie, starring a new OC, Nocturne, a pianist and hobbyist clock tinkerer. Nocturne also happens to be in another unfinished work that may or may not be posted. Anyone, holiday greetings and happy meetings to all. FOR THE RECORD, I don't know if anyone plays the MMORPG "Tibia", but you can often find me there on the server named "Fidera" under the character name "Arjhan". if you wish to know more about me, or even just play alongside me, you're more than welcome to. I know that's last bit is really irrelevant, but it's already posted, so nyeh :P. Back to my donuts and coffee.

-Southpaw out

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Hey, Southpaw! Good hearing from you. I hope you are doing well, and if nothing else, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming Day! :yay::twilightsmile:

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