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    If you are in college/high school. Read This


    ^ I work in my college's writing center, and I'm an education major, if you struggle with writing use the website listed above. Pretty much, it is what we use to help people, and I think it is crazy that some places are charging students to get help with papers.

    Also, hello to anyone I had talked to before. I'm sure I still love you.

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    What did I use to call blogs?

    I cannot recall what I use to call these things; maybe, I didn't have a name. Anyways, I have this account under my main e-mail and for the last month or so I have noticed people following a dead writer. So, I figured I would post a blog to see if those who are new to my "old" series would view this. If in fact you are new to my watch list or whatever it is called, then I have something to say...

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    Fatty is Fat

    Ph fat that is. Anyways, I have been gone for like... idk months? So yeah if anyone still clicks on these things and wants to hear the beloved Fatty respond you may, I also will answer questions if anyone wanted to know how the MAybe series would have ended. Also I wrote a book.

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    Well, not really; but I did want to tell everyone I am not dead! So, yay live!
    So where have I been for the last 6 months? Well, I wrote a real book series to become a read boy! ~Pinocchio joke~

    Here is the first book: the other like 10 will be out whenever I get the publisher to pull their head out of their ass. So, soon-ish...

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    Question about MAybe series ~List update~

    Finishing of "Make it Simple" ~(Chapters)

    "Trotting for Once" - *SB/WIP/UD*

    "(Unnamed collaboration) " * UD/SB *

    WIP = Work In Progress
    UD = Undefined Release date (Not started writing yet but I have a rough draft)
    SB = Spring Boarded idea but not truly started

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Question time ! ~parts 58/59 · 12:45am Dec 19th, 2013

As of right now I'm thinking about posting 58 and 59 together. Unless you all would like a slight cliff hanger, not a bad thing just means you would all have to wait about five days to read three or four chapters.

Can't tell you what the cliff hanger would be about or who it would be with, but I can say this: The current spring boarded story calls for some Poison Joke, and not how you think.

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Comments ( 12 )

I know how this thing goes, you post a story then there's a cliff hanger, and I will be pulling out my hair with my face looking like this (:twilightangry2:) wanting to know what happens next.

I chose post it together, if this is a choice thing.

Cliff hanger is nothing bad, more or less it would have been that whole (problem solved off screen kind of thing).

But I figured I would ask if people want a 2 parter seeing as how only one part ago it was 50k+ words.

1622543 I'm still trying to finish the could be sieries, it's taking so long because I had to force myself to put it down so I can get my homework done, but now I' m free from school so I can read this awesomeness :pinkiehappy:. All that just to say. I love this story!

Can't tell you what the cliff hanger would be about or who it would be with, but I can say this: The current spring boarded story calls for some Poison Joke, and not how you think.

Clip clop clop pity clop clop sparky clipity clop it's violet clop



Why do you want to see Little Violet getting...:heart: So bad?

1625021 I dont know! I guess im curious on how it would go...


hmmm...You're right. It would be a challenge :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: still, I had in my mind I would never show a full on sex scene with one of the two children. But...

1626657 oh I know, poison joke is used to drug one of them then they bang :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:


Actually I don't know what i'm going to do about that.

See most of the things I write I springboard for the future, that's why some small details that ppl look over actually become the big things later on. The poison joke thing right now is one of those things not originally drafted but that might be cool or funny, so idk.

Either way, yay for Sparky and Violet.

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