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A Contest Announcement · 10:23pm Dec 18th, 2013

EDIT 03/02/14 - The submission deadline has now passed. Here's the list of entries!

Because I have:

Two Luna figures from the hand of the wonderful Hungarian artist known as Groovebird--a state of affairs so shocking that I'm continually surprised not to have been hauled before a magistrate somewhere to answer for it--I'm announcing a story contest. The writer of the entry I like best will receive the first Luna in the photo below, the one on the left with the light blue shoes.

The Easter Island guy isn't included in all this: he just insisted on being in the picture.

The Details:

1) Subject matter: Entries should be stories that are about Luna in some way. This means it can either be about her as a character in the story doing things, or it can be about the effect she has on the actual characters in the story doing things.

2) Length: Entries should range from 2,000 to 32,000 words. That seems a nice range.

3) Vintage: Entries should be new stories written with this contest in mind, or at least stories newly posted to FimFiction. So if, say, WTFHIW wanted to finish "Luna's Goodwill Tour" and post it here... :pinkiehappy:

4) Deadlines: Entries should be completed by the end of the day Sunday, March 2nd, 2014--midnight Eastern time, it'll be now. That's three-and-a-half months from start to finish.

5) Submission: Authors should PM me the name of their entry and a helpful link before the aforementioned deadline. I'll post a notice on March 3rd listing all the entries.

6) Judging: I'll spend March reading through whatever entries I get and announce which one's my favorite by Saturday, March 15th, 2014 unless I find I need more time. The winner will then hafta supply me with a mailing address so I can send off a box full of Luna.

7) Guidelines: Any sort of story that meets FimFiction's criteria is eligible, but, well, I like certain sorts of stories better than others.

a) For instance, I like stories where characters are involved in making things happen. So if you'd like to write a "shipping story," please make it one like bookplayer's "Best Young Flyer" where the story is about a great deal more than the characters falling in love.

b) I like stories that are complex but generally happy. So if you'd like to write something sad, please take your cue from writers like Bad Horse and Horse Voice and make it so damn good, I have no choice but to like it.

c) I have no problem with stories that are "rated mature for sexual situations" as long as the sex is as intrinsic to the story and the characters as Applejinx makes it in his Trixieverse novels. "Rated mature for gory situations" is a lot harder for me to take, but as with every other kind of story, I'm willing to be convinced.

Any questions, drop 'em in the space below or send me a message. And we'll see what happens.


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3) Vintage: Entries should be new stories written with this contest in mind, or at least stories newly posted to FimFiction. So if, say, WTFHIW wanted to finish "Luna's Goodwill Tour" and post it here... :pinkiehappy:

Way to open old wounds. Too soon. Too soon! (god that guy can write!) If he finished up Luna's Goodwill Tour I'd add $$ to this prize xD

The legend never dies, its soul still burns!

Kinda nuts after all these years I still practically remember every scene in that fic. Man, you're vintage wine at this point. I'm amazed you're still writing too.


Aww, geez. I love writing me some Luna. Gonna have to come up with something just because I can, and I have nooooo ideas ...except... ooh...


I have a story that happens in moonlight! Does that count?

Author Interviewer

oh gosh a contest :D


This contest was like MADE for me to enter. But all of my writing time is going into Hard Reset 2 until it launches mid-January …

I will have to see what I can do. Try to sneak something in near the deadline.


I had a reminder:

A couple weeks ago when he showed up in one of Chris's posts over at One Man's Pony Ramblings. I'm pretty sure "Luna's Goodwill Tour" would end up being over my semi-arbitrary limit, though. Which means I'd just hafta change that limit, of course... :scootangel:


I find that last "ooh" to be just a little bit spine-tingling, Scott!


Does the moonlight have lines?


When one has a surfeit of Lunas, one must take drastic measures.


Sneaking is good. Sneaking is very good.


Author Interviewer

Sadly, I have a surfeit of Luna-based ideas. :B

I'm actually interested in joining, if only because you'll read them.

If I follow through, victory enough for me! If I write something you can enjoy and finish reading, we'll call it a stretch goal. If I would actually win? I think I'd have to answer to some higher power myself.

Hope some good fics come out of this. We could all be winners.


I agree:



Thirty Two Short Stories About Princess Luna?


I wrote both "Biology: A Romance" and "In Their Highnesses' Clandestine Corps" in response to contests on the site here, and while neither story won, I ended up quite happy with them, and they've proven to be two of my most popular stories. So like you say: there's winners all around!


This is one of those things that snuck by me over the holidays when I was strung out on painkillers. Hmm. I have been kicking around the idea of continuing "Mortality Report", and Luna would be a major character in that story. Would a continuation of an existing story count, and would need to be complete by February 1?

And also: Would it give me a leg up: To use colons inappropriately?


Only if:

You consider it inappropriate to follow the salutation in a formal business letter such as I am currently typing with a colon, two carriage returns, and a punch of the tab key.

What's that? You say I'm not clickety-clacking this on a typewriter? And you further say that this isn't a formal business letter?

I must now rethink my entire approach to the past several decades... :twilightoops:

All seriousness aside, as Steve Allen used to say--I mean, if I'm gonna bring up the way I continue to cling to archaic traditions like formal salutations, five space indentation at the beginning of paragraphs, and two spaces after each period, how can I not bring up Steve Allen?--I would love to see a continuation of "Mortality Report." But yeah, the deadline's Feb. 1st for a complete story submitted.

If I start getting notes from folks around the end of January asking me to extend the time, though, I likely will. I'm pretty much as pliable as butter when it comes to that sort of thing...



I busted my butt to get a story ready and edited, and now it's going to sit there a month.


I'm sorry about that:

But the voices asking for more time won me over. :twilightblush:


March 1st, 2014. That's three-and-a-half months from start to finish.

Too bad I didn't hear about it till today then (courtesy of Bad Horse, too), huh? That's what I get for not following you (not that I had any chance of winning either way :twilightblush:).

Well, a pretty interesting (I think) concept for a Luna story came to my mind two days ago, actually, but yesterday episode kinda dulled the story's impact for me (yeah, Pipsqueak was supposed to be in it with his Luna-is-best-princess motto, but seeing how he drooled all over Twilight yesterday... Then again, he's still a foal, right? Any horned mare could sweep him off his hooves with a flick of her wings, I suppose... :rainbowlaugh: But I digress...).

Ah, well. I'm pretty sure there are many writers more skilled and more deserving such a nice sculpture than me anyways. :raritywink:

Just got sent here from Bad Horse. A Luna story? I like Luna, but I've not yet had a chance to write about her.

I wonder... I have something called "Luna and the Wolf" I wrote ages ago but never published. Maybe I could edit that and make it presentable? I mean, if it doesn't turn out to be awful when I look at it again with fresh eyes.

This wasn't remotely on my radar until Bad Horse mentioned it just recently. I'm intrigued, but I'd be floundering around all week trying to come up with something.

On the other hand, I've got an idea that could work if I manage to draw it out to 2000 words...


That wily Bad Horse!

But yes, deadline's still a week away. I know several writers around the site here have been working on stories--I extended the deadline from Feb. 1st at their request--but the more the merrier. Especially, PoweredByTea, if you've got something workable that you haven't published yet... :scootangel:


Wow. I missed the announcement when this was first posted.

And now I have some actual motivation to finish that fic that's been 3/4 finished for months.

I've got myself an idea, lets see if I can get it finished before the deadline! :pinkiecrazy:


Imagine Pinkie Pie:

In her cheerleader outfit exhorting you onward! :pinkiehappy:


Well I got home and looked at Luna and the Wolf... and my god, did I ever write like that? It's full of awkward and cliched phrasings and excessive exclamation marks. Also, I apparently did not know how to punctuate dialogue at the time.

I guess the good news is I have improved as a writer since then, so that's nice to know. The bad news is I doubt it would be submission worthy without massive effort, which is a same because I totally covet that Luna statue :twilightsheepish:.


I would suggest:

Industrial Rainbow Spackling Paste, but judging from the packaging, I think it only works if Vinyl Scratch is in the story... :eeyup:


Submission approved!

Dream a Dream

Its not everything I wanted it to be, but I only found out about this a few days ago :rainbowlaugh: Hopefully you enjoy it, if nothing else!

Well! If I've got an extra 36 hours then I'm going right the heck to bed. Final editing tomorrow! Maybe can even get feedback from another prereader or two.

Still glad I got it all done tonight, though. :twilightsmile: Somehow it seems more appropriate I completed it on a Lunar schedule.

Edit: Thou Goddess

I do believe I'll time travel then enter this.


I approve:

Of entering contests in unorthodox fashions. This Gilda and Derpy story I'm writing now, after all, could be considered my entry in Equestria Daily's "Outside Insight" contest, a contest I technically couldn't enter since I'm one of the judges... :twilightsheepish:


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