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"Eyes" · 3:25am Dec 18th, 2013



The Earth took everything.

The Wind scattered it away.

The Sea swept it all from existence.

...And I'm still here...

"We stand together!"

What happens when you are ripped away?

What happens when the swarm sweeps you away?

What happens when Fire is the last thing you see of them?

You beat yourself...

...You swing against them.

You scream...

...You beg.

But they're gone...

...But they're still there.

They're outside of your grasp...

...But you can still watch them die.

You can still see it though...

Can't you?

You see her lips move.

You see what she tells you...

"Shield your eyes!"

My sisters...

...I am so sorry...

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Comments ( 4 )

Always the cryptic one :twilightsmile:

I listened to 21 guns while reading this and drift away by uncle Kraker they both seemed fitting this is suck a sad poem with deep meaning

-Sly Moon-

Hmm. This is rather interesting, do continue. :moustache:

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