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    Hey guys, it's been a while. I'll keep a long and uninteresting story short. I needed a break, not really from writing, but from life in general. Writing was just one of the many things that had taken a seat during my reprieve. However, things have been getting better over the past two months and I think the time I've taken to myself has been more than long enough. I understand if some of you may

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    I didn't want to make a new blog post ever again, seeing as it was at 117 blog posts :P Anyways, I have an update ready to go for chapter three of the Guardian rewrite. I also wanted to mention that I have taken the chapter title from chapter two and am giving it to chapter three instead, as chapter three did not get as far as I intended.

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  • 379 weeks

    Hey guys and gals! Requiem here. I just spent my first night here at the University of North Dakota. The transition is going well, my roommate and I get along, and my schedule looks ok. The campus is pretty and there's lots to do, especially shopping, in Grand Forks. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the winter though. Snow is something I'm used to as a Minnesotan, but the legendary wind

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    Well, This Sucks

    Uh, I was all set to update tonight when suddenly...

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    You can expect to see this published sometime today :)

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New Chapter Delayed · 11:33pm Dec 15th, 2013

Sorry guys. I had to go Christmas shopping for 17 people after church today. I have half of the chapter complete but won't be able to finish it. Also I'm going on vacation Thursday night until the 29. I'll be flying from Minneapolis Minnesota to Fort Worth Texas to visit my dad and his family. I'm sure I'll get to write a lot while on vaca but my dad is iffy towards my use of technology when down there for the holidays. I should be fine but if he's especially cranky towards me writing, let's just say the fecal matter could hit the fan. (Sad that it's the holidays and he's against my writing XD) Anyways everyone have a safe trip to wherever you may go for the holidays and early merry Christmas!

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To you too dear sir. Hope to see you safe and sound after the holidays. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! :twilightsmile:

1617302 Thanks and thanks for the follow. Also there's a typo. It says Thursday night but I meant Tuesday. So today I leave. I'll get to write tomorrow so yay! Later!

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