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New One-Shot Up, and The State of Things. · 4:43am Dec 15th, 2013

Soooo... yeah, been a while, everyone.

I really wanted to have more to show you guys by now, but things got a little crazy there for a bit. I changed jobs (got rid of one I hated, am now in a much higher paying one that I hate somewhat less.) It is a better job, but we've been working 50 hours plus a week lately, so I've been kinda crunched for time for writing. In addition a few semi-serious health issues came up for me that I had to address. But now those things seem to have settle down slightly, and I can hopefully get back to it.

Yep, ACC is still happening. I had to walk away from what I had in frustration, but I'm getting back there and progress is slow, but it's progress. I wish it'd go faster, but this coming chapter and the next one determine exactly what kind of fic this will end up being, so I gotta get this right. I refuse to half-ass this, you guys deserve better. Also the long-negelcted Pony Rock Opera has a few ideas I need to polish, and intend to do so as soon as I can. ACC is the priority though.

In the meantime, I've posted a tiny little one-shot, really just an attempt to write something outside of my usual style. It was heavily inspired by reading the works of my friends Hoof and Quill and Martian (If you haven't read them, they're on my fav authors list, and you should really just forget about me and head over to them, post-haste.) Give it a shot, if 1000 words isn't too much of your time?

Thanks all, and I've missed you guys.


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Comments ( 5 )

Well, im glad your back. been waitng since my first day of joining FimFiction for ACC to update.


Hah, I missed you, man. Take a look at the one-shot if you get a chance. Your work is in part responsible for it. So if it sucks, it's at least half your fault.:rainbowwild:

This is the oddest thing; just today I actually stopped and took a look around my page and I was wondering where you had run off to...

Then you return, and bringing with you cake and promise of more cake to come.


Yeah things got a little hairy between changing jobs and finding out my blood pressure was like, way, way bad and having to make a few adjustment to my life accordingly. I was probably not in a good mental state for ponies just then. But I've missed them, just as I've missed all you guys.

And now I'm starting to get Mac and Twi on the brain again. Plus I have a new laptop coming sometime in the next week (the one I'm using right now is about to croak) so things are looking up a bit. Even after an extended period away, Mac and Twi still tug at all my heart-strings.

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