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Weekly Update #16 · 2:02am Dec 8th, 2013

Today's new episode brought you by fanfiction!
Link episode 4.

New Episode: (Spoilers!) It was an interesting episode, with a twist that was surprising. I thought the Mane 6 would help the writer, but it actually turns out that they find out that the writer is Daring Do! It was definitely something I wasn't expecting. Of course, the episode had its fair share of plotholes, but there wasn't one where I couldn't come up with a rational explanation (besides the pedestal holding the rings suddenly turning to sand). To finish up, this kind of reminded me of how readers can be annoying sometimes. Good episode, none the less!

Gaming: Almost finished with Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and it was fun! At the same time, I'm going back to my Fallout: New Vegas game as well. Still fun after all this time!

Music of the Week: This time, it's Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. I can't help but find the song catchy, and my love for good, old rock does't help either!

Question of the Week: How are your stories going? Someone's gotta ask, right?
My Answer: Pretty well, I'd say. I love my stories, and though some kinks may need to be tweaked here and there, it's still a blast writing them and seeing everyone enjoy them!

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Speaking of Fanfiction, how's the next Electric Dragon story coming?

As for my own stuff:
Well, Legion's LoL one-shots is more for writing practice than anything else, and I'm proud to say that it's definitely helping. I also have two new stories that I'm hoping to get done enough to post soon, and both are coming along well.

Write on,

1583867 Glad to hear that your stories are doing well. As for Electric Dragon, I'm waiting for the next game to come out before I even attempt that.

When does that come out, anyway? I thought it was supposed to have come out by now.

As for my own stuff, I'm pretty much just banging on my keyboard whenever I feel like it at this point. Still, I have two stories with at least a full chapter written each. Funny how that works.

Write on,

1584463 The new Infamous game is set to release in February 2014 for the PS4. Can't wait for it.

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