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Just a fan of fun stories, looking to enjoy them, and when I can finally grab enough time for myself write them once more!

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    You may have been wondering where I've been and why my stories haven't updated, I truly apologize for my absence but, sadly I've been rendered homeless since my last blog post and haven't had much time to do more than read stories over spotty WiFi connections at the various shelters I've been staying at... it's made keeping in contact with friends a real nightmare.

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    Sorry for the delay on Twilight's Vogon story

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An important question which will influence the future of Everharted. · 4:46am Dec 5th, 2013

Good evening and I apologize for not being around as often as I could. Though the reason behind this is due to the fact that I was hoping to get the answer to an important question before continuing with the story Everharted. Now most of you have probably figured out what Twilight has alluded too if you've read the ninth chapter. If not well go read the ninth bloody chapter what the hell are you here for?

Now that the goofs are out of the way allow me to ask this very important Question. Would you want to see the story become mature rated? This would allow for more violence and allow Spirit's involvement to be much more pronounced as well as allowing for more detailed parts involving the more... heavy friendship requirements of the Vessel to increase it's power.

If you'd prefer that the story remain Teen then I've got news for the ones who would like the heavier sections in the works known as Everharted Downloadable Tales (Which pokes fun at DLC). Which will be where those hoping for dirty bits can go. So all in all everyone is happy.

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My honest opinion is to make any clop skipable. This allows those of us who dislike clop to avoid it while those who like clop can get their dose of it.

Hence why I've been teetering on DLC things like an extra chapter that involves the NSFW stuff. Well by DLC basically I mean an Extra story that has the extended bit in it. If they still let people do that.

They do. I'm reading several stories that have gone that route (separating the clop from the main story).

Good to know, I'll go that route as well then. Though since this is answered I hope you're excited for the fact that chapter 10 will be out either tonight or tomorrow.

"Sleep? Sleep is nothing more then a crutch for the weak. All's you need is some motivation and dedication." -my former Battalion's Master Sergeant

Well the problem is that I have to make sure my Editor has a crack at it before I publish it, and since I'm not paying him anything I have to at least take his schedule into account.

1573840 Yay! I've been alluded too, my ego has increased dramatically! :raritystarry:

Just kidding. I'm gonna go look at the chapter now, expect a reply shortly. :rainbowdetermined2:

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