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Care to lend a hand? Name some lands. · 1:09pm Dec 3rd, 2013

The first real snow is here. The land is blanketed in the frosty cool of winter, and I am ready to write. However, that doesn't mean I can't do without some help. For, you see, in my giant epic of a tale, there will be a lot of kingdoms and the sort. I could name them, and I have, but I want to see what all of you have in mind for names. By all means, name them and I will be glad to use them if they're better than mine. Which, honestly, won't be too hard. Without further adieu, let us begin!

1. The kingdom of the North. Cold, huddled, and blurred to the eye by never ending blizzards. The entirety of the kingdom is made of cracked, brittle stones held together by ice itself.

2. The kingdom of the East. Beautiful, lush, and spread out over the fertile land it has. However, not many have seen it since it is obscured from vision by a dense forest of illusions.

3. The kingdom of the South. Simply put, it's a mountain littered with cave pockets all up through it. Except for the top, which no one can really see with it going over the clouds and having a permanent shroud at the peak.

4. The Kingdom of the West. Withered, dried, and painted blood red by the sun no matter what. The lone river that runs through the kingdom of creaking wooden homes is nothing more than a straight ditch in the ground, dried of water.

Need any more information? Ask. Now, I'll be off to work... Much to do... Much to do...

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Hmm, well I could come up with Kindgoms of those descriptions in my lore... I think I will. But I guess you could check out what I have in Equestrian Lore: Ancient Lands see what you find :3

personal head-canon says that the founding members traveled south to the Equestria we see in the show. so a northern land could be called Windara, after the Windigos covered it in ice and snow.

1568089 I think you just gave me an idea as well. :scootangel:

1) The Kingdom of Phamonia - play off of pneumonia.
2) The Kingdom of Elgant - play off of elegant
3) The Kingdom of Raknor - name of a kingdom in League of Legends high up in the mountains.
4) The Kingdom of Bondra - play off of bone dry.

North - Glaciem
East - Auctus
South - Nubes
West - Acinum

Translated from Latin
North - Ice
East - Growth
South - Cloud
West - Husk

North - Nahbelh
East - Kamashi
South - Maguur
West - Al-Vanak

Kingdom of Tarandheim, land of the Reindeer, for north.
Ellisia for east.

Dunno about the rest.

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