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A Public Dis-Service Announcement from Shell · 8:30am Nov 29th, 2013

Hello fuckers.

Why are all the cunts I follow posting bullshit about what they are thankful for? Here's what they should be thankful for;
1. For a Government that intrudes your privacy at every chance it gets.
2. For living on land formerly owned by Native Americans, who had it stolen from beneath their feet. I guess American's have ALWAYS been greedy motherfuckers.
3. For having to pay for healthcare, which means if you are poor and you get run over, the hospitals won't give a shit, but if you're rich and you have a small cough, you can rent out the hospital and all it's staff for yourself. Now that's what I call fair!
4. For being able to live under this false pretense of freedom, and liberty, when in reality, cops can beat the shit out of you for staring at them the wrong way, or being an ethnic minority, and the government robs you blind, but that is called "taxing" not "theft". I'm sure this is what Thomas Jefferson really wanted.
5. For the minimum wage being $7.25 USD (an hour) (or, even better, $2.13 USD (an hour) if you can be tipped), while the Australian minimum wage is $16.88 USD (an hour). Yes, it is converted to the same currency.
6. For not even being able to earn a measly $7.25 an hour, because you're LGBTQA and your Christian fat-ass boss hates you because some ancient rags with absolute shit written on them tells him to hate you.
7. For endless pro-war, pro-capitalist propaganda assaulting your senses every waking moment of your life since you came out of your mother's vagina. You know, that's really breeding an environment of thinkers.
8. For having a school system that is laughed at by almost every other nation on the planet (and probably universe too), resulting in America being the least intelligent 1st-World country.
9. For your terrible government, which allows you to vote for the Conservatives or the slightly-less Conservatives. Thanks, I love the large amount of variety and choice you guys have.
10. For having religious groups controlling your rights when it comes to your body (if you are a woman, which I highly doubt, because this is FIMfiction), because men really have the authority to control your body and they understand exactly how it feels.

Thanks America! Let's eat some dead turkeys now!

Anyway, I got the first Ramones album. I actually like the Ramones, unlike how I used to hate them because I thought it made me cool. It punk rocks my stunk socks off my smelly feet.

Anyway, be prepared for a horrible review of the new My Little Pony episode, because school is over and I have nothing to do with my pathetic existence anymore. I am cool.

Thanksgiving this!

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