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Version update · 6:24pm Nov 26th, 2013

If you read The Stranger and Her Friend, you may want to give this a look.

Welcome to Stranger v.1.3.37!

After my untimely return home from my mission, there was a period of time which I was still "dark" -- that is, I was home, able to access the internet, login to Fimfiction, look at comments, etc. but chose not to tell anyone, save for a few people. It was, quite frankly, a troubling time for me, and I didn't want to be pressured to write if I wasn't feeling up to the task (though I know you all would have been nothing but friendly and supportive, as you have been). During this time however, I did read over Stranger in it's entirety, and made many edits along the way. All of them are relatively minor, and do not change the story but in the smallest of ways, but if you are a long-time reader, some are probably worth noting.

I probably should have posted this weeks ago, but better late than never! So, without further ado...

The Stranger and Her Friend- Patch Notes

All chapters- Minor grammatical fixes and changes in wording.

Chapters I-?- Removed archaic words and phrasing (thee, thy, thou, etc.) in all instances except for in formal settings (such as during the courthouse trials, or in the cathedral).

Chapter I: Out of Body, Out of Mind- The Royal Magi now stay to protect Celestia, instead of fleeing. This is probably the biggest change.

Chapter X: Blight and Chairful- The Royal Council know slightly less about the Arch-Mage’s goings on.

Chapter XI: Hammer and Nail- Removed “for leaving you behind” in Clover's explanation of why the Arch-Mage may feel guilty (since the Royal Magi did not leave Celestia behind in the first chapter).

Chapter XV: Seeds of Strife- Adept Reverie’s red-rainbow mane does not have green in it.

Chapter XVI: Who Banished Fear- The focus word for the gemstone-lighting segment is now “optimism” instead of “laugh” (though the wording remains unchanged).

Chapter XX: Departure- The necklace that Twilight finds at the end of the chapter is now a sword pendant, rather than a wing. This is probably the second-biggest change.

Chapter XIX: Farewells- Changed Cream Sky’s colors (to be consistent with Ask Cotton Cake).

Chapter XXII: Soldier’s Mettle- In addition to their comet dive, the sinisteeds now fire crossbow bolts in between each attack while their own aerial force is regrouping.

And I think that's it! If you notice any errors, grammatical or otherwise, submit a bug report via PM or in the comments. Thanks!


The season premiere was the best thing ever. Of all time.

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Comments ( 4 )

I agree that the Season 4 opener was freaking amazing. :pinkiehappy:

I now have to re-read the whole fic... I hope you're happy

No! You'll discover the secret super-edit!

<All chapters: Luna is now a major character.>

1597750 My personal theory is Discord makes Luna, for awhile I thought it would be Celestia... but if she had she would refer to her as daughter. The only way around that would be if she's Daylight's sister... We know she's entering combat soon, so she does have a chance to die.

Don't confirm or deny my theories, I very much enjoy the process of watching them change based on evidence

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