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  • 337 weeks
    Mystery Skulls - Freaking Out

    I loved Mystery Ben's previous music video animation, Ghost.

    And now he's made the much anticipated sequel, Freaking Out. Great music and beautiful animation :heart: Go check out both of these videos, give them a like and a fave.

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  • 431 weeks
    Still Alive

    Hey Guys, sorry for the lack of updates, the most you've probably seen of me, is in the comment sections of other stories. I have been genuinely busy the last few weeks, but also coupled with a lack of motivation to work on my stories. Not just the stories, I actually couldn't bring myself to do any art, which is another thing I really enjoy. Hell I'm finding it hard to sit down and play a game

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  • 443 weeks
    Edits/Revisions Progress

    So I'm getting into the editing and revisions again. The Gdocs versions of the fic are where the changes happen first. I'll be updating the FiMFic versions soon hopefully. Currently me and my editor are happy with the revisions we've made on the Prologue, Chapter 1, 7 and 8. We're working on Chapter 2 today and are halfway finished, we'll get the updated chapters to you guys this month and then

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  • 444 weeks
    April Fools again

    Just want to reassure you all, I won't be playing any tricks. I'm not particularly fond of this day to be honest. I usually see too many fake and prank videos and chapters for stories or channels I watch on youtube. I've been kinda busy for awhile, redecorating around the house. Almost finished with my bedroom, so soon enough, I can focus on getting chapter 9 out. Also if anyone is curious,

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  • 449 weeks
    Update on Life

    Hey guys, just want to give you all a little update, so you know I'm not dead. I spent 11 of the last fourteen days preparing for an assessment. I went to the assessment, I did really well...But I still didn't get the job. I really, really wanted this particular job. It would've been ideal for me, since it was close to home and I'd done similar types of work before. It's hard failing, especially

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Season 4 Episode 1 & 2 8D · 12:49am Nov 25th, 2013


Brilliant, really brilliant. I'm not going to spoil anything, just gonna say it's one of the most well written two-parters I've watched. All 4 seasons have had good two-parters, which are surprisingly well written and enjoyable. This double-episode treat gives us a more detailed look at Equestria and future mysteries for Season 4. Not going to spoil the fun, just go watch Season 4 now fools!

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Not trying to spoil anything, but I feel that as far as some of the content in those episodes, it's going to be WAY to easy to make r34 material of. I'm already having a hay-day with a few of those more interesting parts. :rainbowlaugh:

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