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Temptation, plus progress update · 7:00am Nov 19th, 2013

I decided to write another microfic for the RariJack prompt tag contest this morning.

3,000 words later, I realized it didn't actually count as a piece of microfiction at that point. And that's not including all the alternate endings that I wrote because I couldn't quite decide how to end it.

So the good news is I have a new story now.


Rarity can't sleep. Applejack had the audacity to fall asleep facing Rarity, and now she can't get kissing her friend out of her mind – and isn't sure if she wants to. But kissing your friend while she's sleeping is wrong... right?

Some of you may have noticed I haven't really posted anything since The Wraith of Ponyville went up. So, did I stop writing stuff?

The answer is no. I've actually got chapters 5, 6, and 7 of Shotgun Wedding drafted, and wrote several thousand more words of The Best. Why aren't they up yet? Well, for Shotgun Wedding, it is still being revised to make it more funny, while The Best probably isn't going to go up until I'm sure I'm within a week of finishing it, so as to make sure that no one is stuck waiting for it to update forever. I also have a new story, No One Will Notice, a story about Luna feeling like Celestia has replaced her with Twilight, which is half-done. And of course, Daring Do x Rosetta Stone OTP is still sitting there in the background, and in light of a certain announced episode, may be getting done sooner rather than later to avoid being redundant.

So I've written a lot of words - over 30,000 words are sitting on my computer, waiting to be done enough to upload. Most likely there's going to be a point at which I'm done with several things within a very short period of time, and a whole lot of stuff will be going up pretty close together.

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