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Benman belongs to a class of bipedal ape notable for its use of tools and clothing, highly adept at symbolic communication such as language and art.

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Unlikely Crossovers With A Vengeance · 8:24pm Nov 13th, 2013

Cloudy Skywriter: Writes adorable stories about Twilight Sparkle writing adorable stories about her friends falling in love with each other.

kkits: In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only PinkieDash.

Sleepless in Gardez: Dick jokes that reveal hidden depths of characterization.

RBDash53: The interviews are poorly planned and unedited, but people love 'em anyway.

device horizon: Worldbuilding, princesses, and… actually, only those two things.

Bad Horse Voice: Instead of writing stories, he just drives to your house and punches you in the gut.

Chris the Unimpressive: Has reviewed every m/m ship ever posted to EqD.

Ponypresent Perfectpants: I don't know; I just really wanted to use that name.

This is, of course, a follow-up to that thing I did, and that other thing. As always, add your own in the comments!

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Comments ( 16 )

TchernoBob: And suddenly FiMfiction was flooded with AppleDash oneshots.

:twilightsmile: It is one of my lesser regrets that I have not yet found a truly perfect pair of pants.

Author Interviewer

You forgot Benstrazsa, who keeps making websites to spotlight the dregs of the fandom. :V

And I don't even want to think about what short skirts and darfsplosions writes...


> device horizon: Worldbuilding, princesses, and… actually, only those two things.

I helped with the worldbuilding! And the princesses!

Eakits: The actual story of how Equestria was made involves a time-looping Pinkie, a sonic rainboom, and heavy snogging.

theycallmechuck: A Clockwork Apple.

GhostOfQordath: The Incredibly Dense Footnotes Of A Winning Pony.

Badman: much Less Wrong than any of the above.

Jason the Anonymous: Pinkie Pie has an existential crisis after watching Equestria Girls.

AestheticBen: Violent, limb-hacking, grimdark gorefests where nopony can ever die.

Can't handle SSnD? Present plz. :V I think we can all agree Argemdarfer's troll-clop is far more horrifying.

Regidarf: Singlehandedly responsible for the Great Adsense Crisis of 2013.

>Chris the Unimpressive: Has reviewed every m/m ship ever posted to EqD.

Welp, I know what my next review project is. Meanwhile...

Cloud Wanderer D: Writes sweet, disarming, yet surprisingly deep slice-of-life tales about CU and OW.

Amit Perry: Writes Taviscratch in the most pretentious manner possible.

Chengarnick Qordathnack: Griffon banging. So much griffon banging.

Site Blogger

I thought I was being insulted until I figured out what was going on. I need more sleep!

Malladar: A teenage writer who creates tons of Spike shipfics that revolve around Nirvana albums.

Wanderer-asaurus: Essentially acts as Fimfiction's PR guy, also writes a comedy harem about three genderbent changeling sisters.

Knighty Shield: Enjoys roleplaying horse porn.

Kkatbob: The feature box is nothing but post-apocalyptic ponies.

Site Blogger

You know, I'm pretty sure the RCL is the only ponyfic thing with multiple admins that Alex doesn't run.

I tried for so long to get one for Cloud Wander. Not really sure how I missed that.

And why the butts is the name "Chengarnick Qordathnack" so funny?

Andrew Joshua Pen Stroke: Adorable alicorns. Adorable alicorns everywhere.

shortskirtsandbronystories: The most horrifyingly detailed porn you will ever read. Like if Dickens and Lovecraft wrote horse erotica. Also makes non-sequitur-laden photocollages that double as statistical analyses of Rule 34 art.

Saphroneakin: So many loops within loops that time is now a Spirograph.

batsplayer: Heavy purple prose told mostly through dialogue between AJ, Twilight and Dash

PegasusRescueMostEverything: Ditzy Doo helps Planeswalkers hook up.

I approve this message.

...Can't come up with any of my own.

Bad Horse Voice: Instead of writing stories, he just drives to your house and punches you in the gut.

Geez, I can't remember the last time I've laughed that hard.

Very, very seconded.

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