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Not much to say... Just a fellow fan that wants to make a good story after reading a few.

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  • 311 weeks
    To all the great fans of My Little Pony...

    Merry Christmas everypony!

    Image created by: willis96

    5 comments · 496 views
  • 311 weeks
    I live!

    Internet! Sweet sweet internet, how I missed you! Oh yeah... I finished moving by the way. (Finally, God!)

    Well... there's no time to waste! I must now work on the next chapter as promised.

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  • 314 weeks

    Just like the title states... I'm moving out to places unknown and... I'm forever leaving FIMFiction.net... (not really! :rainbowwild:)

    Did I scare you? :trollestia:

    Anyways... all bad jokes aside... because of the crazy things I must do in order to move, I will have a 0% chance of working on my story. :raritydespair:

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  • 318 weeks
    Almost ready

    Good news! I was able to get past my stupid writers block finally! How you may ask? By listening to over 50 different Disney songs that's how! (all at one go)


    The next chapter will completed before the end of the week. See you later!

    4 comments · 222 views
  • 327 weeks

    Yay school... Sooooo much funnnnnn... You make it so easy for me... Sarcasm...

    I think I could push the next chapter out before the end of time next week.

    4 comments · 257 views

Busy Busy Busy... · 5:45am Apr 27th, 2012

Have writers block and a really jam-packed week soooo... the next chapter is going to be a little delayed. (Sorry!)

Here's a happy Twilight to ease your pain.

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Comments ( 3 )

Well, it's a good thing you added that Twilight because I was about to kick and choke my little brother.

Are you still alive? jk but you've been away for awhile, then again, my computer sucks more ass than an ass-sucker so it could be wrong.

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