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"It's Meta. He hates everything. That's just his purpose; in denying it he would deny himself." -Officer Hot-Pants. "MetaKnight145, somewhat friendly misanthrope who lives on pornsites." -Mr. Grimdark

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Hilarious Amanda Todd memes. Yes black humor abounds here. Yes those who don't like jokes about suicidal people shouldn't look at this blog. · 7:52am Nov 12th, 2013

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Comments ( 9 )

We should go back in time and kill her before she grows up.

1502014 I'll bring the bleach. Make it look like an accident.

1502014No, because then we'd have no one to laugh at.

1502463 Trust me. There's someone out there to laugh at.

LOL I love the last one

Respect the dead, despite why they are or what they did.
You wouldn't did up Hitler's dead body and strangle him, would you?

I would put one of those fake mustache nose glasses things on it and take pictures.

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