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Season Four Excitement Builds...(For me anyway haha) · 8:26pm Nov 11th, 2013

Hey everypony~! Sorry I’ve been sort of inactive again…just really busy. But I have a lot of free time today because it’s SNOWING and I’m also sick.
But the snow…s’the best part.

I’m looking out the window and it’s coming down pretty hard! It was snowing last night too but it was after dinner so I couldn’t go out and chuck snowballs at my dad. Even now I can’t because, as I said, I’m sick with a cold. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Anywhoooo~ Who’s excited for season four!? I know I am! W00T! I’ve been checkin’ out EQD for spoilers and found some that made me happy~ Particularly Discord and Zecora being in the first opening eps.
Sorry, I just really like spoilers. ^^”; Can’t wait to see how *ahem* PRINCESS Twilight adjusts to her new limbs…(wings). And hopefully Rainbow’s line “A new flying buddy” will have some significance. Maybe Twi can take lessons from Dashie? Idk but it’s gonna be one heckuva season! =D

I wanna see some Rarity episodes. She didn't get ONE last season and Cadence got the royal treatment with FOUR. (I think it was four at least...)

Soooo...this would be a fabulous time to ask ya'll...
Whaddia looking forward to in season 4?

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Di-d-d-discord AND Zecora in the opening epis?!


I too am also excited for season three! However (and I'm not going to say it's a legit thing.) but I have heard my boyfriend say that it's said that Pinkie is adopted!! Nearly killed him for saying that because... I LIKE the rock farmer family... I thought that Pinkie Pie coming from such a background is AMAZING for her character! But then again... He did say that because of this Pinkie goes with the Apple Family... and seeing as how I showed him spoilers and hates for for playing that song to just get stuck in his head... I'm just going to assume that he said it to joke around with me...

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