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Why oh why do I do this to myself?? · 10:58am Nov 8th, 2013

Yes, I've finally added new stuff to my "Not another Twilight Alicorn story".

In saying that, it's been over a year since I last looked at this thing. So why the change of heart? Well, a couple of reasons...

1. I've been lurking and reading here all this time, and occasionally dropping a comment on others' stories. And during that time, I've been getting the odd notification that people were still finding, and following, my little tale of fluff. That amazes me. How do people find stuff that old? It's not like I'm one of those people that produce 10-15k chapters on a weekly basis, with guaranteed spots on the featured list! It's a bit humbling that somebody would follow my story when there's so many better pieces of fiction out there, both epic and hilarious and sad and moving and all that stuff that mine clearly waves a hoof at and says "Eh. Needs more woopie cushions!"

2. I started picking up the MLP comics. One of the creators hails from my home of Canberra, Australia. I haven't met them yet, but I'd love to. Published MLP work, from downunderland! That's inspiring.

3. With the new season about to start up, I've been going back through past episodes that I haven't watched in six months or more. Odd little ideas for more funny stories keep tickling my funny bone as I do so. And there's new stuff coming up! How will that affect my head-canon, what new story beats will it all generate? Time will tell, but time is running short, it's almost upon us!

4. It's NaNoWriMo! I've got family taking part in this, so I thought I'd lend some moral support by slapping my keyboard around productively. A bit. But not too much. That's for serious writers, and I had attempted to have seriousness excised some time back in a painful operation involving five cannisters of laughing gas, a dozen sutures and some ping pong balls. I'm not sure how successful I was, as depression is a constant family companion, but better safe than sorry, right? No seriousness!

3 is what urged me to revisit my story. If I can't finish the one and only story I've put out there so far, what's the point of indulging in more? Time to exercise some writing discipline and finish something first! Those other ideas can sit in their dedicated desktop folder and perculate a bit. They tend to develop funny flavours when they do, and go off in unforseen directions, but that's what makes writing off-the-cuff so much fun. And new ideas from the new season might just drag us off to NEW sections of the toy room! Fun!

If you're one of those folk who followed my little story, thank you so much, and please accept my apologies for allowing it to gather dust for so long. Time to pump up the tyres, replace the oil, recharge the batteries and see where we can go, okay?

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Bwahhh-hahahahah! Oh, the joys of posting from another time-zone... Chapter 4 had been up for all of 10 minutes, and I made the "Featured" box! I do NOT expect it to stay there for any real length of time, especially with the weekend coming up and the big stories updating like they normally (and regularly... confound you ponies!) do.

I should take a screen shot, just to say "I WAS THERE!" and laugh to myself some more!

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