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    What Should I do Now

    It seems like I've gotten a bunch of projects (here and elsewhere on my plate). The only thing stopping me from doing anything is, ironically, the fact that I have too many ideas. Clean Up on Smile Five is meant to be the first in a series of 22 Original Flavor Stories. Dare to Be Daring was supposed to be the second, but certain themes had me decide better of it, and had be

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    Clean Up on Smile Five Comic!

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    Look at this! And that's not even the finished product! User: Farcri over on DeviantArt is actually turning "Clean Up on Smile Five" into a comic. That's pretty amazing!

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    I'm going to be posting the remainder of these as one-shot stories, and place these as normal stories so this one won't be around for much longer.

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    Question for my readers, followers, etc.

    Anyone know a good cover-artist? I want to post the first chapter of my next story this Friday, but I won't do it without a cover. I can do it myself, but looking at the cover of "Two Worlds; One Family" you might be able to guess that digital art isn't really my strong point.

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What Should I do Now · 4:30am Nov 8th, 2013

It seems like I've gotten a bunch of projects (here and elsewhere on my plate). The only thing stopping me from doing anything is, ironically, the fact that I have too many ideas. Clean Up on Smile Five is meant to be the first in a series of 22 Original Flavor Stories. Dare to Be Daring was supposed to be the second, but certain themes had me decide better of it, and had be consider making a series of 22 stories if Friendship is Magic was made for teens and adults as its primary audience. I was also writing the sequel to my first fan fiction Two Worlds; One Family when reviews finally came in. Spoilers: it sucks. And that realization really hurts morale when writing the sequel, even understanding that a lot of people like it. I also added another project because I just really wanted to do a mystery story series and throw some crazy concepts at the wall. Honestly, if I'm at the helm of this thing nothing is ever going to get done, and I mean ever. So, let's put the ideas I have on a pedestal and let all of you decide. Vote for whatever you want, whichever seems to get the most praise I'll do. And when (and only when) that project is done, I'll move onto something else.

1.) Rewrite Two Worlds, One Family (again): A lot of problems plague this first story of mine. The most common one is that I don't show the passage of time in and out of chapters very well. It's hard to tell how old Harry is in each chapter. Speaking of which, Harry didn't have much personality. There was also no explanation to why the ponies held such hatred towards him ("it's explained in the sequel" is a cop-out). The Discord twist doesn't make any logical sense, especially with the sequel. Yes, Discord brought Harry from our world... and yet there was an ancient civilization of humans. The CMC were poorly characterized. The chapters don't have any flow. Subplots come out of nowhere and are too easily resolved. If you're not invested in the emotion, the story completely falls apart.

2.) A Spike Original Flavor: In my Season 4 Wishlist I said that I wanted to see a story where Spike was forced to repeat the same day over and over again. The day he is forced to repeat isn't exactly a pleasant one. At first he thinks that he's been given a chance to fix what was broken, but he slowly realizes that that's not the case.

3.) Body Swap: A much longer story where the mane six swap bodies. Pinkie Pie and Rarity swap. Twilight and Applejack swap. They must learn how to deal with each other's lives while not holding each other's knowledge. Even worse is that the longer they're swapped, the more their personalities bend to their new form.

4.) Fluttershy Becomes the Evil Dictator of Equestria... By Accident: A joke in my Season Four Wishlist sounds really fun to do. I have no idea how I'm going to do it, nor do I know if it's even possible, but if I could pull it off... it would probably be the best story ever written by anyone.

5.) Pinkie Pie stands up to Twilight: Not an original flavor, teen story, or anything. It's more of a personal pet peeve. Twilight belittles Pinkie a lot. Examples include: Griffon the Brush Off; Baby Cakes; MMMystery on the Friendship Express; Too Many Pinkie Pies; and of course Feeling Pinkie Keen. What's going to happen when Pinkie eventually notices that Twilight is doing this? I want to find out.

6.) I shove Rainbow into the future: Where their friendship has all but dissolved, pretty much the plot from the Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever?" I choose her, since because she represents the Element of Loyalty, she'd probably be hurt the most by this--and she'd blame herself. I want to say that this would be an original flavor, but an idea like this deserves a much longer story.

7.) Fluttershy Teen Plot: Fluttershy comes across a very mystical and magical animal. Celestia wants to learn about this animal, but Fluttershy is afraid that she will irrevocably harm the animal. The moral will be about listening to your morals above the law.

8.) Rewriting the Actual Episodes of the Show: People have asked me how I would make certain episodes better, and there's a thing going around FimFiction where people try rewriting each episode they have major problems with. I'm hesitant to do this because fixing episodes is how my best ideas form. For example, I wrote Clean Up on Smile Five due to the moral of Read It and Weep (Read It and Weep had a moral about good habits with a tangential moral about friendship, when I thought it should have been reversed). If people really want it, I'll be happy to oblige, though I won't do every episode obviously.

9.) Applejack Original Flavor: Applebloom has gotten very sick, and it's up to Applejack to cheer her up. It may become a teen story, depending on how hard I need to force a conflict into an Applejack story.

10.) Rarity original Flavor: Rarity comes across an anti-four leaf clover that only gives her bad luck. The only pony who knows how to get rid of the bad luck is Pinkie Pie! And the methods of doing so get increasingly ridiculous.

You know, I could go on all night, but I think that I'll do these in groups of ten. And yes, some of them will be ongoing projects where I can take a break from them to do side stories. Remember, I'm putting the choices in your hands (keep in mind that these are all things that I do want to do). Good luck.

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I would like you to write 2 or 5. If I have to pick just one then I would say 2 but I would also really like to read 5. Good luck with future writing.:scootangel:

actually I have a better idea for a good story for applejack, what if she was the one to get sick. Think about her stubborn pride is one of her character traits, and I've known people who are too stubborn to realize your stick you need to go to bed, and get better before you do your job! and for some odd reason I get the feeling applejack will not take a sick day off of work, she's a workaholic and she hasn't except that fact.

Also considering my favorite concept That Tim Curry should be the voice of Dr. Frankenshy,when Fluttershy Becomes the Evil Dictator of Equestria,daddy will be so proud, of his greatest evil creation!
concentrated adorable is the ultimate weapon for world domination!

I'd probably recommend doing the stories that seem interesting to do, but are less likely to actually happen. My personal choices are 4, 7, 8, and 10

1492055 and yes, if you did pull it off successfully, you'd probably be the no 1 featured fic. Which would probably result in much more popularity in the community

The ideas I like the most are 2, 4 and 10.

I like 2 5 and 8.

Maybe write a G2/G4 MLP crossover. Sure G2 was stupid; but hey, so was G3 and there're G3/G4 crossovers and G1/G4 crossovers.

Maybe you could write a fic where a group of earthponies called The Equalists want to turn every non-earthponies into earthponies, including the princesses.

Maybe a fic where a group of pegasi want pegasi to return to their warrior ways (like in Commander Huricane's day)

A fic where a group of unicorns called The Supremes want to "put non-unicorns in their places" by overthrowing Celestia and Luna and making pegasi and unicorns into second class citizens.

The Equalists VS. The Supremes would be nice.

The Flora, Fauna, Clouds, Moon, Sun, and stars out of nowhere handle themselves, and the ponies are powerless to stop it.

(takes place after the Royal Wedding and before The Crystal Empire) An enemy has brainwashed Celestia to have the elements thrown into the dungeon. Shining Armor discovers what is going on and goes to free them, but only succeeds with Twilight. Twilight escapes to the Everfree Forest where she finds 7 humans. One wields a staff, one wields a dagger, one wields an animal skull hatchet and a log shield, another wields a bow and arrow set, another a sling, another a spear, and the other has a deer antler spear. These seven humans agree to save Celestia and thus all of Equestria.

A HIE fic where humans have taken over all of Equestria except The Crystal Empire and Canterlot which they have both under siege. The Crystal Heart keeps them at bay, and Canterlot has a shield Luna, Celestia, and Twilight take turns keeping active.

Rainbow dash into the future and you re writing episode that made it to your hall of shame. :pinkiehappy:

If you rewrite episodes, you could do it like this.

What If MLP: FIM was bad? Where you rewrite the episodes where everything is done all wrong.

Morbid curiosity I guess.


Write more Strangers Like Me.

I would very much like to see a rewrite of Two Worlds;One Family. It made me:fluttercry: then it made me:pinkiesad2:. So, I would love to see it in a better state than it already is. Also, the re-writing episode thing would be a great thing to do. And I get the feeling I know which one you'd do first *Cough* Putting Your Hoof Down *Cough*. But please, I would love to see more from you. Mr. Enter, you are a talented reviewer, and a writer, and I hope to see much more.

I find the 'Rainbow Dash going into the future' idea the most interesting, and I know you'd be able to write it well. If I have to vote for one, (because I like all the ideas,) I'd vote for that.

Oh yeah and your last story post was in March of last year. Are you going to upload anything again here anytime soon, or is life and your youtube taking up too much time?

Dictator of Equestria idea.

Being my favorite pony, naturally I want Rainbow Dash thrust into a tragic future that makes her feel absolutely horrible. :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, seriously, I would love to see "How Long is Forever?" in pony form, especially with Dash in Starfire's place. (She is my favorite though, Rainbow Dash)

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