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I started being a brony by the age of 18 (not now...)

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New Story Released · 1:24pm Nov 7th, 2013

Yep! New story released! The title is 'The Plague'! And yes! ITS APPROVED!

It's basically a crossover of Plague Inc., Left 4 Dead series and the MMORPG game DeadFrontier.
Read it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/143438/the-plague

Spoilers: Zombie story, and gore. Gore. GOOOORE!

It's a story about the scientists struggling to find a cure, the same time deploying armed forces to halt the zombies. This will be a bit educational and extremely gorey, and contains gore. Gore. GOOOORE! GOOOOOOOORE! It contains tips on a zombie outbreak ☺and it, of course, contains real-life stuff. The mutation is extremely realistic, and I've compiled lots of medical facts about these kind of viral.

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