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    Chapter ready; illustration desired.

    Anyone want to lend their skills? I'd be most appreciative!

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    A short chapter update blog post thingy.

    Chapter 24.
    Start date: 30th of April.
    Finish date: 3rd of November, submitted for editing on the 10th.
    Word count (subject to change): 9116

    Chapter 25.
    Start date: 15th of December.
    Finish date: 20th of December.
    Word count (subject to change): 7304

    Seriously contemplating starting chapter 26 already...

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    How long has it been...?

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    Chapter 18 news.

    It's actually very complete! Just needs art for it. Now, I had received word from paper pony around March that he was eager to participate again. I showed him the chapter, and he read it. He was pleased and enthusiastic!

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    Happy New Year!

    My hands are freezing, as I just came in from the chilly outside, having watched some fireworks. :pinkiehappy:

    Anyhow,, here's a sketch of a grimy and weary Rosy from our guest artist. :pinkiesmile:

    And here's something to celebrate the new year with! :twilightsmile:

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A small notice about chapter 14 and some art. · 8:10pm Nov 1st, 2013

Yep. It's coming. The final review stage has begun! Now, I still don't got an ETA, unfortunately. I don't even dare to give a rough guess. I think I'll have a better idea on what the publication date will be once the illustrations are being implemented.

Speaking of illustrations, this here isn't related to the upcoming chapter, but I sure wish it were. Paper pony's amazing, yes? I consider the depiction unofficially canon!

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Comments ( 35 )

Oh *this* pic, yes I remember this one
Lovely Artwork, Paper Pony does it again with their amazing artwork

It would be so easy just to write a random one-shot thingy from just looking at this picture... Ugh, resisting urge...

HRrrrnk! So cute!

Huzzah! The story lives!

Update! Yay!

Art! Yay!²

Ambigious endearing hypothetical foreshadowing backstory! Yay!³

(My apologies for that outburst of yaying. A long weird day at work can do that to you :pinkiecrazy: )

Unnoficially canon? How does that works?

Oh, who cares, it is still cute as heck.

He always does =)

Oh, I agree. I think this image could be expanded into a short (~1000) word story. Maybe Rosy going out onto the schoolyard with a few papers in a telekinetic grip, finding a nice spot and puttig her mind to work. Perhaps she's read a physics book and wants to test how objects stay aloft by creating a pressure differential by cleaving through air. Perhaps she casts a single paper at first and sees that if it were rigied, it wouldn't be so susceptible to the air's will. Then follows a lot of thinking and crafting, resulting in a delta-shaped design with a "keel" as a stabilizer and small slats at the back of the wings to introduce a small nose-up attitude that she thinks will increase lift. RIght as she's going to send it for its maiden flight, the recess is over.

She throws it anyway, feeling very proud and happy to see it fly gracefully.

Uh, but, yeah, material for a short story right there!

I fully agree! Knowing how artful you are, I have a feeling you could try to come up with something adorable as well. If you already haven't.

I enjoy writing FPV, and feel that I'd let down the readers of FPV forever (:pinkiegasp:) if I let it die. Those two are more than enough to make the cancellation of FPV unthinkable.

One yay per day keeps the doctor at bay. I'm sure that makes sense, in some strange way :unsuresweetie:.

Hmm, if I were to guess (and I am), unofficially canon means that nothing precludes it from being canon, but until it's verified either by the author or by the story itself, it's not canon.

awwww sooo cuuute!!!!:twilightsmile: and she is playing with paper planes how wonderfull. tough are you sure thath he who is Rosy would ever put on those ribbons or is this before that?

I assure you, this illustration depicts Rosy Stripes the unicorn as herself, long before the start of FPV, when she was just a filly. As so, I'm fairly certain she wouldn't have reservations about putting ribbons in her mane and tail.

Ok i see! so its just an coincident she is playing with paperplanes or is she interested in planes as well? wait she cant be as planes dosnt exists in equestria right?:rainbowderp:

Well, we don't know for 100% sure that planes absolutely do not exist in Equestria. Just because the cartoon itself hasn't shown them doesn't mean they don't exist. Anyhow, for time being, I consider their absence to signify their rarity or total nonexistence. That said, who says Rosy can't come up with ideas of her own? Maybe her understanding of aerodynamics and physics are sufficient for her to ideate and craft a glider out of paper? There's a lot of maybes here, some which I'm sure I'm oblivious to.

Well we know that they have hang-gliders and airships but i dont think they have invented airplanes as of yet. Besides wathever airplane they would be able to build with their technology would still be slower than riding an chariot pulled by pegasi making the whole airplanething unesesery especially if the chariot was pulled by an really strong/fast pegasus like rainbow dash :rainbowdetermined2: or one of the wonderbolts. Though i did not say she culdn't come up with the idea on her own :duck:. I must ask tough how does a pony throw an paperplane with her hoves? by balancing the plane on it and... no then the plane would just fall of the hoof as soon as she moves it:facehoof:

Maybe Rosy's an innovator? Maybe she looks at the paper plane and wonders if it could move through the air without requiring pegasi or a gargantauan catapult as propulsion. Pinkie Pie had a gyrocopter made out of candy. Maybe that's what Rosy would conceive next? Except without the candy part.

As for how to throw something with a hoof, ask Applejack. She chased Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie off the farm by lobbing apples at them in "Griffon The Brush Off".
Perhaps Rosy's paper planes are enhanced with adhesive magic?

*Takes notes*

well apples are easier to throw i think as it dosnt really matter wich side is up or if they are spinning trough the air and i know that thay have some sort of way to grab stuff with their hoves as shown by applejack in the end of look before you sleep when she holds the marsmallow sticks with her hoof.:eeyup:

You do that :raritywink:

You know, I'd say that any complex question regarding the mechanics of hooves manipulating items can be answered with "magic". But even so, I'd think how the magic would function. That's certainly to pinch your gray matter with.

Well yes how DOES magic work?:rainbowhuh:

I think that's to individual intepretation. Maybe it's like magnetism? One comic I read a while ago presented the adorable ponies with tiny prehensile hairs on the soles of their hooves. It was a creepy sight, especially to Apple Bloom. Poor Apple Bloom. And then Applejack was hanging upside down from a tree branch, being totally indifferent about it and Apple Bloom's shock.

that sounds like an comic id like to read:twilightsmile:

Pity I can't remember what it was named :applejackunsure:, and going through a metric ton of Apple Bloom-related art on DA feels like trying to find a 3 cm long needle in a stack of 4 cm long needles :ajsleepy:.

Oh that dosnt sound to hard its just to find the smaller one:pinkiehappy:. but if your stack of needels is as big as DA then you have some problems:pinkiecrazy:

I remember that comic too kind of creepy if you ask me! I always thought it was some type of telekinetic grip or something similar!

Do you remember wath the comic was called or where i can find it?

Unfortunately no I don't I think I found it while looking at EQD's posted comics an few months ago.

1484167 >> soumibrony
i think i might have solved the hoof-grip problem. Its simple acually they dont have hoofs at all. I mean if they had there shuld at least be some sort of change in the texture where the hoof shuld be, but there is not making me think that maybe they dont have any hooves. So instead of hoves maybe their legs simply end with an flexible muscle making bending the end of teir leg like a snails foot possible. Then they possibly culd grab stuff as easilly as they do.

Could be I think I saw an video where there was an robot arm doing something like that though I can't seem to find the video I'm sure I saved it to my favorites!

1483761 my comment below was meant for you as well i just missed to add you.

One other strange thing is that there is only earth ponies in the picture exept Rosy and the pegasus on the seesaw who seems to be afraid of heights wich is weird in itself.

Perhaps the high quantity of earth ponies explains why Rosy was the second most magically proficient unicorn in her class: she had only a few unicorns to compare her skills with.

The pegasus might not be good with his wings yet, and the earth pony knows this and is determined to get him airborne.

i think the earth pony is just being mean to him. And how do we know she was one of the best? Was it mentioned in the story? I cant remember.
. Ps have you seen my no hoof coment? It was meant to be to you as well but i did it wrong.

Well, FPV canon is that ponies have hooves and not a muscle. I mean, if it were like a muscle (which are soft and flexible), they wouldn't make the characteristic clopping sound (nothing of sexual nature intended) when walking/trotting/galloping/etc. Also, both Rosy and Embee have described the hoof, strongly alluding to that the hoof close to a horse's in composition and function. So, I think it's pretty definitie that a pony's hoof is not a pliable muscle. Maybe if you were to write a fic, then you could give them bendy fleshy hooves, like they were tentacles of some sort :trollestia:.

Anyhow, going back to the illustration, maybe you're onto someting. Maybe the earth pony is just plain mean. Let's hope it doesn't cme to a bad end, though. As for when Rosy stated to be one of the best unicorns in his/her class, I think it was in chapter 12, right around the time (s)he levitated the empty bowl.

:rainbowhuh: I dont think they have a bendy fleshy muscle i know they have hooves. It was just an theory to explain the grabbing:twilightsmile:. And im probably not going to write a fic. I dont really like writing (even though im quite good at it). And if i was to write a pony fic they would of course have hoofs as normal.:eeyup:

Anyways i think its obvious that that earth pony is up to no good, i mean look at her facial expression.:trixieshiftleft: (or is it a colt?)

Once again Id love to re read this story but i dont think i have the time to do so. (Maybe i culd take/borrow me that time somehow...:trixieshiftright:

Suit yourself :pinkiesmile:. I tend to stick with realism. Hence, hooves.

Again, the earth pony, who I think is a colt... or is a filly with convincingly masculine appearance—he or she is definitely doing something the pegasus isn't agreeing with. Maybe someone could write short story based on the events leading to the teeter-totter scene and the aftermath. With a cameo by Rosy :twilightsmile:. Anyone up for grabs?

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