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Report cards are here! · 8:45pm Oct 26th, 2013

Look at these beauts!

Art: 95
English (Term 1/2): 93
Global History (two periods): 85, 85
Geometry HONORS: 80 <---- (I hate this grade. It's like this because my Geometry teachers got switched. She's only been teaching us for 2 weeks.)
P.E.: 95
L.E. (Living Environment): 97
L.E. Labs: S

P.S. : My P.E. teacher's name is Mr. Pizza. What a card!

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Comments ( 8 )

Why is an 80 a bad grade? Sounds like a passing grade to me. You won't even need to know geometry past high school.

1455810 When she (my mom) saw the grade, she FLIPPED OUT. Seriously, it's not like I failed or anything. She kept giving me her version of The Stare all night until we talked to the teacher. Although we got things cleared up, she STILL scolded me when we got home. :applejackconfused:

That, and I can't stand anything that's close to the seventies. If I don't keep up my grades in that class, they'll kick me out! :applecry::fluttershysad:

Wow...a B elicits that kind of reaction? Your stress levels must be through the roof! Your grades are amazing and you really don't deserve that kind of treatment. :twilightangry2:

Also...that new avatar is awesome! :raritystarry:

1456261 Ha! If my mom could only hear you now! And thanks! I've been working on making Equestria Girls OC's. They don't look half bad. When the week's done, I'll post them for you to see. How does that sound?

1456680 EQG...Twitch...but yeah I'd like to see your art. Did you draw that avatar?

1456755 No, I wish! Thought my pony skills are good enough, I'm better in the humanized/anthro business, thank you.

1455821 Wtf to that. Moving on. So your a bit of an artist? Don't have my hopes high, but any chance you could help me out with some cover art?

1457219 Sure! I'm your gal! Just PM me if you have an idea!

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