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My need to point out when someone is being stupid.. · 2:42am Oct 26th, 2013

.. and try to get them to stop.
Yeah, I guess you could say it's something of a personal problem of mine. But when I see something I can step back from, be objective about, and still see that someone is being irrational about it, it gets under my skin. Not so much the fact that it's wrong, but that someone thinks they're perfectly fine to be doing something wrong.

As I'm pretty sure all of you know (and if you don't know this, why are you even here?), I love futa. And to me, futa covers both hermaphrodites (those with both male and female genitals) and shemales (those with only male genitals). But it seems I've run into a few people on Derpibooru who just have to disagree. Not just disagree, but disagree to the exclusion of all reason.

See, there's a tag on there that's being thrown around called 'androgynous male'. Now first, let me explain something about that phrase. It's something of a misnomer. 'Androgyny' is defined as not leaning towards one gender or the other. This is in reference to an individual's appearance, NOT their actual genitals. As such, it's a tricky thing to pin down. If you've ever looked at a person, and couldn't decide if you were looking at a man or a woman, then that person is hitting someone in the range of androgyny.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking "But if it looks female, but has male bits, isn't that the same thing?". That's like saying putting a Lego block and a Tycho block together makes a Duplo block. Physical appearance and biological gender are two different things. Androgyny is separate from an individual's actual gender. You can have androgynous females just as much as you can have androgynous males. The problem at had is, the 'androgynous' term is being used as a justification to take 'male' onto pictures.

There already is a term for characters that appear female, by have male genitals. It's 'shemale'. Personally, I am of the position that 'shemale' falls under the 'futa' category, but I digress. That's not the actual issue.

The issue, is that the 'androgynous male' tag is being used for personal preference, rather than helping images be filtered and searched correctly. Case in point, the individuals adding the tag only seem to want to add the tag to non-anthro ponies. Even if the image clearly shows that an anthro or humanized pony does not have female genitals, they won't touch it. This seems more like they only care about what they can view as male, than any sort of standard tagging, as tags are meant to be applied to images equally. Even more, even when there's evidence that the character in an image is infact a futa (such as accompanying images, or statements from the artist), they still change the tags to 'male'.

I'm trying to bring this to the attention of Derpibooru's admins, and get them to reconsider the validity of the 'androgynous male' tag, seeing as the individuals using it have taken to reporting me to the admins for 'malicious mis-tagging'. There's a forum post here where I'm trying to explain the problems to them. I'm hoping I could maybe get a little support, so I don't end up just getting railed by people more worried about their own preferences.

And yes, I know this doesn't have much to do with fanfiction. But it's a pet peeve of mine, and I've been feeling the need to rant and vent about it for some time now. Sorry if you all got caught in the spray.

And before someone asks, I have 3.1K words done for the next chapter of TMV. I worked on it last night, and hopefully I'll have it read in a couple days. Hopefully other peoples' stupidity won't distract me from it too much more.

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Comments ( 10 )

Shemale, Heshe
Dick girl, Cunt boy

Personally I don't think those = Futa.
Futa to me is two organs not mismatched organs.
As a cunt boy fan I find it hard enough locating them, sticking them into the futa pile would make it even more difficult.

It's kinda like someone who isn't into furry walking in and saying furry and scaly should be the same tag, you don't really consider it relevant unless it's of interest to you. But being on the internet for so long I will say that dick girls are generally placed in the same area as herm/futa, seems kinda odd seeing someone actually try to change it.

Sorry :fluttercry:

Oh derpibooru. Herms = futa, futa = herm. Good luck getting anything else out of them.

Would you also say that scalies are not anthro, but furries are?
That's pretty much the same argument being made about this.

And yeah, I unfortunately have to agree. Too many people over there tend to have the mindset of 'eh, I don't care'.


My only issue is how difficult would it make it to actually add the tag, verification, ease of locating. I mean on one side like I said I'm a cunt boy fan, I would like some way to find what I like without looking through the entire futa tag. Honestly if it's a matter of tags and people are adamant about putting them as futa that's fine, just add other, more specific tags so people like me can find what I like.

Maybe present Futa as a more generalized tag instead of a specific one.

A feminine-looking male (let's throw more stupid terms into the mix: Twink/sissy/crossdressing/trans) is not the same thing as a character who is a straight-up hermaphrodite. I guess a dude with breast implants would be classified as a shemale, but come on, this picture does not depict a "shemale."

I'm just playing devil's advocate. For people to go re-tagging shit as male is fucking stupid.


I wish people would go by this system. If a character is supposed to be a herm, then they are a herm. "Cuntboy" can fall into that category for all I give a shit. From there on out, tags like "shemale" as opposed to "futa" as opposed to "androgynous male" are completely superfluous.


Just for the record, when I said cunt boy I ment an actual male body with female organs.
It's not a big fetish, few people are into it and there aren't many pics of it, I would link you one but nfsw

I see this mistake fairly often, actually. I like to believe that this is due to ignorance of the definition of the terms being used.

Futanari (futa for the lazy) is the Japanese word for hermaphroditic, and is also used in a broader sense for androgyny. But since most of just about nearly everyone doesn't know what those words actually mean, I will supply the definitions.

-Biology: Having both female and male characteristics; hermaphroditic.
-Being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior.

-A person or animal having both male and female sex organs, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition.

A ' true male' (or what we consider normally to just be male) body is defined by having only 'male' reproductive organs. That is, specifically, some form of external or internal penis, and external or internal testes that generate sperm.

Alternatively, a 'female' body has external or internal uterus, and external or internal ovaries that generate ovum.

A pseudo-hermaphrodite has some of, but not all of the requirements of both 'male' and 'female' genders.

Note that it has nothing to do with how large mammary glands may be or 'masculine' the physique seems.

That is to say you could look completely male, and still be classified as a pseudo-hermaphrodite. In fact, this is a common occurrence, and many people go about their entire lives and not know. The most common of these is due to partially formed ovaries that sit inside of a supposed male.

To break it down into super simple terms:
All four gender parts = true hermaphrodite.
Three in all, or one from each type = pseudo-hermaphrodite.
Both of one = true gender.
One of one = pseudo-gender.
Mammary glands (breasts) do not count for any of these, as they are not classified as 'reproductive organs'.

So, technically, there is such a thing as an 'androgynous male', although it would be in a very low minority of the images. I guess, in the end, bitches better start reading up on their biology before making assumptions and shit.

Amirite? :twilightsmile:

Also, what the fuck! It has been an entire year and all you you is a chump change over 3k words?!

Slipping... :facehoof:


Don't worry, I know what a cunt-boy is. I have an F-list profile and everything.


Get your insipid semantics the fuck out of my freaky animated porn.

"I like X, but I don't like Y (which is actually a subset of X), so I'm going to scream about how Y is not X until you make it harder to find Y when searching for X!" Really, guys? Quit worrying about catching "the gay" or some stupid shit.

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