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The new Fimfiction sorting system. · 1:52am Dec 6th, 2011

Hey guys and gals.

Lynolius here. You all notice the new sorting system on the site? Updates will no longer appear in the "browse" page or the banner at the top of the page. Only brand new stories. This means that updates to previously existing stores may go unnoticed if people only use the browse page to find stories. Although you can still find updates on the home screen under the "updates" tab. I'm not sure if that's fair to the writers of multi-chapter fics, That being said, I've dug through the archives before, and I'm here to tell you that there's gold in them thar hills! Some of those golden stories are short stories and one offfs that are never seen again once they've drifted into the seemingly endless pages of the site, so they do need more attention. Maybe a compromise? A whole new section for short stories and one offs? Or maybe two parallel lists on the browse page? What do you think?

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its a good idea a separate section for short storys would allow new writers to test out writing ideas and etc with short storys and practice writing skills so that they can get good enough to write longer multi-chapter fics and it would allow short story writers to get more credit for their work

I thought so too.

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