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    New Comic: Bare Naked Science Exhibition

    Since this is all but a dead account at this point, I'll keep it short.
    Moon Pearl and I have released another comic, this time focusing on EQG Celestia and Luna caught up in a wardrobe malfunction situation. Fans of ENF, public nudity, exhibitionism might be interested in this.

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    Final Fantasy ENF Collab is finally up for sale.

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    Got a comic coming out in a few weeks

    This is pretty much a dead account by this point. If anyone wants to see where I'm more active, check me out on Twitter, I retweet stuff every few days or so.

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    I guess I should say something about the ending of the show?

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Sorry for the lack of updates · 6:49am Apr 16th, 2012

I really like how I'm still gaining watchers even though I haven't done crap for the past few weeks. The reason why I've been slowing down is for two reasons:
A) I've been really exhausted from work, so I'm pretty much postponing writing to my days off because I'm not in the mood to write at all after busting my ass all day.
2) Devil May Cry HD. I played the games religiously when they were on PS2, and getting them re released on PS3 is exactly what I wished for. I've forgotten how much fun is it to launch an enemy into the air, keep him afloat with a torrent of infinite bullets, jump over him while still in the air and unload another wave of gunfire while spinning down towards the ground, then stomping on his head while you fill his face up with lead and finally kick him into the crowd of demons lurking towards you.

Yeah... but good news is, I have spent the past two hours putting together a draft of yet another Molestia fic ( cannot get that alicorn's firm buttocks out of my head, it's driving me crazy). It's... silly. Dear god is it silly. It's going to be good, but just know that it's going to be ridiculous. If you want a preview, this sums it up pretty well.

I'll see if I can get another draft made tomorrow, and then I'll see if anyone wants to proofread it. So yes, accepting volunteers at this time. Thanks guys!

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and here I was rereading your stuff and you post a blog,
speak of the devil and whatnot

sounds like good news!

72525 I can say "Cloperella, Cloperella" like "Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up" :rainbowkiss:

Clop-er-el-la Clop-er-el-la
Ha ha, that's funny. I can't wait for someone to make a song about that.

Now I can't get it out of my head...thank you. :rainbowkiss:

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