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Ask Kris/Starshadow Anything · 1:00am Oct 18th, 2013

So, as I'm sure you're all aware by now, NSFW blogs, images, and whatnot have been purged from FIM... I personally find that to be an impressive failing on their part but regardless, as I promised to leave this blog up indefinitely, we'll just have to start from scratch again...

And once again, I'll try to contain my enthusiasm... somehow...

Also, as much as I seem to enjoy the sound of my own voice (in print, but whatever...), I decided to trim the intro back to something slightly less long-winded, just this once. You all know how this works by now, so...

Just be sure to address your questions to either Miss Kris or myself so we know who you're asking.

Report KrisProwler · 1,709 views ·
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Comments ( 181 )

which pony do you imagine would have the best scream?

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Well, I know a certain diminutive pegasus that has quite a voice... But if we're talking canon, we've already seen that Fluttershy has a whole different level she goes to when she gets excited. I imagine her screams would be deliciously heart-wrenching...


It's kind of a shame, yes... I have a feeling I'm going to be answering some of the same questions over again...

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Hmm... What did I say last time... something about Tartarus...? Well, that's still fairly accurate right now, what with you and Miss Kris dragging out all my history that I'd worked so hard to keep hidden...

Well, you'll be happy to know that we're almost done with that and can finally start dealing with the more pressing matters we've left hanging since this little diversion.

Yeah, that... I can't say I'm looking forward to that, either.

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014

How did Starshadow NOT become a living STD pool yet?


We've never actually said she hasn't...

What?! Don't you lie about something like that!

Fine, fine... Well, unlike in human society, magic-based medical technology has effectively defeated many of the most common equine diseases; STDs, while not completely unheard of, are very rare in modern Equestria among the well-off. While things haven't always been easy on her, Starshadow did still come from money and found herself quite often in the clutches of ponies who also had money.

So here's a question, starshadow, how's your relationship with kris, and kris, how's your relationship with star, also, do either of you ever wish you could have somebody/somepony else as a muse/"host"?

1429659 save for that one gang. And Thunderlane (who got the shit beat out of him in my fic)


There seems to be allot of anti-Thunderlane sentiment going around lately...

1429738 don't know why. I only used him because TheCamel used him (a lot) so T-lane is a prime target


You've read this story, right? Do you really believe I wanted to go through all of this?

Adversity builds character, dear. Those things helped shape you into the mare we've all come to know and love.

I sincerely doubt I needed to go through some of that to become who I am... Well, I suppose aside from that, things are okay between Miss Kris and myself now.

True enough; our bickering has been allot less venomous of late. I suppose having an entire community to turn my hatred on makes it easier to be nicer to her.

Gee, thanks...

1429770 sounds like you two are having fun ^^ ok, SFW questions done, time for the panties to hit the floor! Have either of you ever had sexual thoughts toward the other? :3


Heh, how do you think Starshadow became what she is now? Those ideas didn't come out of thin air...

Yeah... Actually, Miss Kris, when I think about my past that you so generously heaped upon me, I sometimes fantasize about you in my place.

Aww, that's so sweet of you, dearie...


1429883 you two have a phenomenal back and forth. XD

Dunno if someone asked this before buuut, whats the most pleasurable/fun punishment you 2 ever experienced? :raritywink:


Punishment isn't supposed to pleasurable, quite the opposite, in fact, it's generally denial of pleasure...

:facehoof: right my bad, lets chance it to , most pleasurable experience for you 2 shall we? :moustache:


Well, since you put it that way... Starshadow, you want to take this one?

Why not... Well, believe it or not, the most pleasurable experience was the night I spend with Big Mac by the pond on the edge of the farm. Now, I know what you're thinking; "Starshadow, what about all those times you were bucked into an orgasmic stupor?"

*rolling her eyes* That's what I'm thinking...

Quiet, you... Anyway, yes, I've grown quite fond of being bucked hard, harder than I really should be able to handle at times... But there was something different about that night, especially with all the turmoil that preceded it. I can't put my hoof on it, but I've never felt as good as I did laying on his chest that night...

That's really sweet... A little too sweet for the two of us, Star.

Stop calling me that Luna-dammit! Why do you hate my happiness so damned much?!

Don't get me wrong, I love the few moments of happiness you've been able to cobble together in your life; I just like to mess with you... Now then... As for my most pleasurable moment... I'm afraid that is a secret...


Don't you start with that, you know why I can't tell them now!

I'm just telling you how it looks from the outside, dearie...

*sigh* Fine... Elements of that night are going into the story later so, for now, I can't talk about it. There are, however, a few things in the story already that have actually happened to me, but I'll leave that to your imagination.

1429519 This is for Starshadow. In Submissive Sister you're portrayed as an electronic keyboardist. Inquiring minds desire to know if you're doing a job you love, or if it's a talent or skill that helps you earn a living?

If your work is something you enjoys doing, and even if it's not. What does Starshadow enjoy doing, to relax? ... Aside from playing or practicing on the electronic keyboard.

And just for some random tidbit about Starshadow, for those of us that enjoy knowing obscure and/ useless information. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


Playing keyboards is something I enjoy immensely, even though it's not much of a living usually... Like my sister Starsong, I've been gifted with musical talent, though it's not my special talent like it is hers, and she's been my inspiration to continue to write and play despite that handicap. I took a much more unorthodox route to this point, teaching myself piano on my free time. I'm not the most sociable pony outside of when I'm looking for somepony to rut me.

Which is more often than not since you started your music career...

Shut up, you... Anyway, believe it or not, my favorite pastime in my free time is reading. Being home-schooled and not being allowed out of my home for the first several years of my like, I didn't have much else to do when mom and Starsong weren't around. Since I was a foal, I've always picked up new concepts pretty quickly and I'm always interested in learning about new things. Other than that... I guess I enjoy a nice quiet walk, especially at night.

Hmm... I actually don't care for cold food; my teeth were extremely cold-sensitive when I was a foal, and though they aren't as much anymore, I never really developed a taste for ice cream... That said, since coming to Ponyville, I've discovered a thousand and one ways to prepare apples and they've all been amazing; I don't see why apple ice cream wouldn't be good as well.

Why so grumpy? :twilightsheepish:


Remember when I mentioned the Festival of Blood? That makes me, among other things, really moody.

It's kind of crazy how that happens to you once a month. I'm glad my heat is seasonal...

... Yeah, believe you me, I would trade my cycle for yours without a second thought. Only be active once a year? That'd by amazing.

You know, it would also mean you would have a near-uncontrollable urge to thrust yourself upon any colt or stallion that enters your line of sight right?

Yeah, but so what? I have that problem now every now and then...

Uh huh...

Haha yea.. guess you have it worse then unlucky you, but the urge to throwing yourself on various males? :moustache: Sure you don't have heat cycles?


They're not really cycles, but yeah... Also it's not just men...

please do continue :moustache:


*roll-eyes* Well, if you insist...

It should come as no surprise, being bi and a sub, that if and when I'm looking for a partner for a night or whatever, I'm looking at everyone. So, on the occasions where, for reasons I'd rather not get into, I'm consumed by the desire to be touched by someone else, I'm actually (before I start getting catty and desperate) looking more for other women, mostly because we tend to be able to last longer once we're properly "warmed up". Unfortunately, unlike when I was younger, convincing women to climb into bed with another women isn't that easy if you don't already know them pretty well... Of course men more often than not if you just ask them they're more than happy to assist. So, if, after a few days of being left to my own devices and frustration building, it starts to get to a point where I just start turning to everyone I know. Ultimately, the short list for me would be the number of people I trust enough to call "friend" that I haven't slept with at least once...

Wow, Miss Kris... even by my standards, that's pretty slutty...

Who're you calling a slut, slut?!

Well, think about what you just said. My cycle drives me into the hooves of stallions because of a instinctive need to procreate. You're just desperate to have someone other than yourself buck your slutty brains out.

Th... I... Sh-Shut up!

Ouch the rolling eyes hurt my insane soul kris... that had to be pretty tough though and i think sometimes your friends would have the wrong idea about it all or did they understand?


The people I let close enough to me to earn that title pretty well understand.

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Dec 4th, 2013
Comment posted by KrisProwler deleted Dec 4th, 2013
Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Well, Miss Kris and I are pretty much back to normal now... By which I mean we're at each other's throats and constantly taking shots at one another.

Hey, you started this... Whorse.

Really? I started this?! I'm not the one who posted my diary, full of my most intimate thoughts, for everypony to see, now am I?!

You're still stuck on that? Get over yourself.

Okay... Maybe I should reveal some of your secrets when you're gone, see how you like it.

Was that a threat? Because it's not too late for me to erase you, you know...

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Hmm... That seems like forever ago, but it was nice to actually cooperate for once... Still this latest crime cannot be forgiven so easily. I appreciate the offer for help, I think... but Miss Kris's suffering will come from my mind and at my hooves. I can promise you though, it will be the stuff of legends...!

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Ugh... I could live without that, if it's all the same to you...

Well, for the first time in a while, we're in agreement. That was monumentally unpleasant last time. I'd really rather not go down that road again.

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


... You say that...
... You say that...


Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Whoa, hey hey hey... come on, don't even joke like that...!

Luna's flank! Are you trying to kill us? I've read that series, I've seen what he's capable of... Although, part of me does wonder...

Um... Starshadow...?

What? I can't help that. You made me this way, remember...?

I know but still...

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014


Oh good, this should be excruciating... So, Miss Kris... Still think it was a good idea to reintroduce this blog?

... Okay, maybe not my best one, I'll admit... Look it'll be fine. We just have to figure out a way to work together again like last time.

Last time you hadn't yet betrayed every semblance of trust between us!

Are you really that upset about the diary? I'm sorry, okay? I wanted to do something for the audience because they love you so much...

... Well... I suppose it wasn't completely about grabbing attention for yourself...

By posting something entirely about you? All that proves is that nobody is following us to keep up with me... You're the star her, little one.

... Still though, you couldn't have at least asked me about that?

... Look, I'll make it up to you later. I still have some pull in how this story turns out; I can change a few points so you end up in a much better position in the end.

... Fine... I'll think about forgiving you, I guess...

That's all I'm asking. You know as well as I do that we're going to need to present a united front for what's coming.

...I know.

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Dec 5th, 2013
Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Jul 7th, 2014

Why are you following me?:rainbowhuh: (I ask this every time so your not the first)


If you must know, I have a long-standing belief that anybody brave/stupid enough to want to follow me deserves the same.

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