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    Emerald Gleaner: Spirit of Dissent Progress Update

    Chapter Ten: Grind - 100% Complete

    Word Count: 13,000

    And done! Just needs to get edited, should be up later today or tomorrow.

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    Hiatus and New Story Announcement

    As you can probably guess I'm putting Spirit of Dissent on Hiatus for the foreseeable future. Things are feeling a bit stale there so I've decided to try writing something else for a while before coming back to finish the book. For those of you who are potentially interested in what I'm currently working on it's a story set purely in the Overlord LN

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    Well it's been quite a long time since I did one of these and I think circumstances warrant it. Usually I talk about story and how it has developed but this time I'm just sticking to personal matters. This is regarding commenting and reviews and quite frankly, it's going to sound petty as all hell on my part so I apologize in advance. But before I get into the petty stuff let me explain

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    The March of Canon

    Been a while since I made one of these. Been even longer since I started the Viral Unicorn series, and it's really beginning to show it's age isn't it? Just take a look at FiM canon to know the truth of that statement. For instance the mental image of stereotypical Knights who hold honor and chivalry in the highest degree, proud Princes and formidable citadels atop mountains is a bit of a far cry

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    Tvtropes Page

    A wonderful person by the name of wille179 decided to go make this story a Tvtropes page. It's still early in it's creation and thus doesn't have much of the way of content just yet. But if anyone wishes to give him a hand in adding tropes the page is right there! :twilightsmile:

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A Long Way · 2:05am Oct 15th, 2013

Wow it's been a quite a few months since the very first chapter of OOTO hasn't it? And Oskar has come far as a character, when he first arrived here in Equestria all Oskar cared for was his own advancement and personal safety. And now, now he is endangering that personal advancement and safety for others. He could have taken the easy path and ate Twilight for her knowledge and magic but he didn't, instead he took the long road. He could've kept his silence and stayed behind the scenes during the fashion show in a attempt to cause a rift between the Mane Six but he didn't. And when he found out that he was being hunted he could've chosen to simply run, consume and Twilight and disappear, never likely to be found again. But you know what? He didn't, he stayed and fought for the right to remain Emerald Gleaner, to remain as a friend of the Mane Six.

Not to say that Oskar is a good person. One has to remember that the reason Oskar was being hunted by the Griffins was because he murdered one of the their own. He should have never needed to convince himself not to kill Twilight, what kind of person needs to convince himself not to murder someone? And Rarity, his first impulse should have been to stand up for her against the unfair treatment but he didn't do that at first either. Oskar is not a good person, there is an explanation for why this is so and he is getting better but you can't forget that he is dangerous.

Now that I think about I think we are past the half way point in the story now. You guys have seen a lot but I still loads of new interesting things to show you! Can't wait to see what you all think of the next few chapters! :twilightsmile:

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it has been a pleasure reading your work. :derpytongue2: and here's to hoping for more griffon carnage. :pinkiecrazy:

What kind of person needs to convince himself not to murder someone?
Someone who has been conditioned to ignore their conscience, *Cough* mercer flashback *Cough*

And from the looks of those nightmares, flashbacks, and monologues it looks like its slowly loosening.

Now when he gets ‘all better’ all he has to do is pray rainbow doesn't find out about Gilda… oh yea and the princesses too.

You've done a wonderful job on the fic so far :raritywink:. It's my favorite prototype crossover on the site.

1421507 It's very likely Oskar will need to see a therapist before he get's truly better, and I doubt he'd ever go to one :facehoof:... well you can't blame him the things he'd have to talk about would definitely push the doctor patient confidentiality

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