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An author that is no longer writing. I loved and learned a lot from being here. Thank you for appreciating my words!

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    On Sex in Romance

    I don't think that sex scenes in romance are "necessary"; for many stories, depending on tone, mood, intention, etc, they would be extremely superfluous. I don't believe they should be described in lengthy, erotic detail in many stories, either, even though that is what some consider most "gratifying" about them.

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    How do you (the follower) feel about smut / clean stories

    Hey there,

    I haven't posted anything for a million years, but that may change soon. Dunno. We'll see.

    This blog post is entirely to gauge feedback on two types of stories that have not yet existed on this page. My stuff up until now has been a mixture of romance and sex, but I am curious about how you guys would feel about stories that are:

    1) all sex, pure smut, little/no buildup

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    Did you know?

    Yipyapper's birthday is only a couple days before mine?

    Food for thought...

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    I don't expect many people are still checking in/asking "Where the heck has Idylia been?" but I figure it's good to say something every once in a while.

    I'm still here, checking the site daily pretty much.
    I'm still editing stuff for people. That's the majority of my interaction with the site as of late.
    I have ideas for writing and now I believe I have the motivation for it as well.

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    "Where Have You Been?" and other nonsensical doodads and hootenanies

    TL;DR and also a convenient organizational outline
    1. College
    2. Taking care of myself
    3. Being lazy
    4. Engaging socially with other human beings
    If these reasons aren't sufficient (they're certainly not for me) add "is difficult" to the end of those and you might feel a little bit better about them, regardless of whether they are or not (see: my methods of coping).

    In order.

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Looking forward · 3:42am Oct 14th, 2013

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to wake up to 300+ notifications and a story in the featured box. My writing is far from perfect and I still have very much to learn and improve on, and to have people enjoy something as I'm learning the ropes makes the whole process more than just easy-- it makes it fun and rewarding and it gives me something to look forward to with every word that I write.

Thank you to my followers from before for being so patient with me.
Thank you to those who are new who are hopefully willing to be patient as I forage into new literary territory.

What do I mean by that? If some of you don't know, next month is National Novel Writing Month and I plan to participate in it. The challenge is to write 50,000 words of a novel in a single month; roughly 1,500 words a day. I will not be writing FanFiction during this month-- I'm planning to write something that I can show to my friends and family, something that I can appreciably connect myself to.

My plan to deal with that is to write two chapters of Heat Rises this month, or more if I can manage it. One I will release as soon as I finish it (here's hoping that's in the next day or two, I really want to try and get something I'm happy with while I'm still in the featured box if I can manage it), and one I'm going to keep on lockdown to release in November so the river isn't entirely dry while I'm working on my novel.

There is no end in sight for writing FanFiction for me. I still have so much learning to do and I would love for that learning to be shared with this community. I've got a story burning within me about Applejack and Spike and love and it's turning out to be very beautiful; I am very excited about sharing that with you, hopefully before the end of the year.

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