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An author that is no longer writing. I loved and learned a lot from being here. Thank you for appreciating my words!

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    On Sex in Romance

    I don't think that sex scenes in romance are "necessary"; for many stories, depending on tone, mood, intention, etc, they would be extremely superfluous. I don't believe they should be described in lengthy, erotic detail in many stories, either, even though that is what some consider most "gratifying" about them.

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    I haven't posted anything for a million years, but that may change soon. Dunno. We'll see.

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    Yipyapper's birthday is only a couple days before mine?

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    I'm still here, checking the site daily pretty much.
    I'm still editing stuff for people. That's the majority of my interaction with the site as of late.
    I have ideas for writing and now I believe I have the motivation for it as well.

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    TL;DR and also a convenient organizational outline
    1. College
    2. Taking care of myself
    3. Being lazy
    4. Engaging socially with other human beings
    If these reasons aren't sufficient (they're certainly not for me) add "is difficult" to the end of those and you might feel a little bit better about them, regardless of whether they are or not (see: my methods of coping).

    In order.

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Tomorrow · 11:04am Oct 12th, 2013

Or, rather today.

9800 words, pretty long process for just the first chapter.
Thanks for being patient.

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Comments ( 12 )

Hmm, is this going to be SoarJack or SoarDash? Then again, the only one I haven;t seen concerning the mane six is SoarPie... which would be interesting!

Naw. Vague blog post aside all the mane 6 are going to be involved and have their own arcs of the story fleshed out, so there's something for everyone.
Cloudsdale & Wonderbolts are involved. It's frisky. So the cover image is fitting.

If you've been writing smutty Soarin'/Dash without telling me I will be very cross with you sir.

Or maybe love you forever, I haven't decided yet.

You done good. This is gonna be awesome! :pinkiehappy:

1413915 Okay I've seen Soarin/Twilight, but when have you seen Soarin/Rarity before? o.O

1414757 That's the most annoying part, I forgot to fave the story and now can't find it anywhere!!!

There's also one when AJ ends up on an airship (I think some of the others are there as well) and makes peace with Flim and Flam. I have no idea what they are called, but I would like to find them again. Just tried to Google them, but nothing came up. I did, however, find this. Well, that's the mane six sorted then!

1414776 ... Balls... the airship one... I read that recently... Gimme a minute.

1414776 BAM, Eros Dreaming. Unfinished. May never be finished.

1414788 YES!!! I COULD KISS YOU!!! But... I don't know if you're a mare or a stallion.

So either a kiss or a bro hug, take your pick. Hopefully it will update at some point!

1414793 This is the part where I say I can be anything you want me to be, right? :trollestia:

1414802 Uh... well... um loosens tie and undoes collar button I really should ask my mum if I'm allowed out first...

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